Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thirty MInute Meals...Beef and Bean Burritos

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I really really wish that I could tell you this recipe was my own and take credit for it, however, I absolutely cannot.  I wish I could take credit for the picture.  Can't do that either.  Both of them belong to The Pioneer Woman and I'm sure she isn't interested in me hijacking her recipes.  But yall, this stuff is sooooo good.  I don't know if you notice a pattern here for my quick and easy supper series, but the reality is that you can cook mexican in a flash.  If you are in a hurry, whip out the cheese and tortillas and some sort of meat and make it a meal.  This was a huge hit in my house tonight and everyone made a happy plate which is highly unusual seeing that Wootie eats enough to barely keep a bird alive.  She lapped this up, and your crew will too, I promise.  Im from South Louisiana, you can trust me.  When I say its good...its good!

I did change things up just a tad and gave them my Kellye twist by adding sour cream to the beef and bean mixture when I smeared that mound of goodness on my nice warm tortillas.  I also fixed these in my 9x13 instead of individually like Ree did.  Something about microwaving supper just kind of makes it not supper.  At least for me that is!!  Anyhoo....they were delish and I will definitely be making them sho!!!  Head on over to The Pioneer Woman and get all the details!


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