Friday, March 27, 2009


Okay everyone...prepare yourself for this. I checked this book out at the library last week and have begun to read it a second time. This book is the wake up call I very desperately needed in the life of my family and in my journey to yielding to the high calling that the Lord has placed on me as a mother. This book is unbelievable I tell ya! Rest assured, I am a big reader...but only of good books. If I say its good girls...the book is GOOD!!! I will close a book in Chapter 1 so fast it is not even funny. Im a major discriminator of books...if its not good I will not finish it. You can trust me!!
So what does all of this mean????
I guess I'll just go ahead and tell ya...
Because of the direction parenting is going, I feel very compelled to share this with you. When I first started my blogging journey it was because I truly want to start a revolution of sorts to bring us back to basics when raising our kids and to join moms together all across the country to change the way of life as we know it as far a parenting goes. I don't know about you but I am not interested in teenage pregnancy, smoking, drugs, and sex in 6th grade. THIS WORLD IS BROKEN and only we can fix what needs to be fixed within our own families to make a difference for our kids.
Now that I got that off my chest, our April Book of the Month is
12 Simple Secrets REAL Moms Know.
I am going to accompany this book with an intense study that I think will bring you back to where all of our hearts want to be with our families!! I hope you will join me. This is reality, girls. This is a huge wake up call. This is what EVERY mom needs to know and nobody in our "BROKEN" world is going to tell us.
This study will last all month and I will post as much as possible (Lord willing). I hope to post each morning so that you will start your day with a simple secret of REAL motherhood. Please don't hold me to that though yall...Im not good with the pressure...LOL!!
This study comes at the perfect time for me since Season 4 of Jon and Kate Plus Eight is over, so I will not be sharing any of my Gosselin thoughts (but before we close that book, let me just say that I am extremely disappointed in Jon and Kate. They are really not what I thought they were and I am starting to believe that they are not doing as well in their relationship as they would like for us to believe. I hope its not true but I am starting to think that Kate has let a little bit of fame go to her head. Isn't it funny how all satan needs is just a little crack...BRUTAL). I think that this book is so absolutely necessary for moms today...I just can't even tell you. So please prepare your hearts for this. If you can make it over to your local library see if you can pick it up because there are lots of charts and worksheets in there that just are not feasible for us to go over in this format.
We will begin with an introduction tomorrow morning. Please consider joining us. There is just so much to learn. I promise you at least one Ah-Ha moment and am certain that this will make you feel like you are not alone and give you the courage to parent the way you know is right...OOOH its just so good!! If you think there is something here for you or for someone you know, please consider subscribing/following my blog and you won't miss a thing. Also, encourage a friend to join us as well. It is that good. Younger moms or newbie moms, this can save you years of heartache. Older moms or veteran moms, this could potentially change your life and how your kids will view you much later in life. Its never too late!!
Okay so you know I can't leave you is an excerpt on what you can expect from JUST THE INTRODUCTION!!!
"Of course we love our kids to pieces and would do anything in the world for them. That's never been in doubt. But many of us feel torn, pushed, and pulled in different directions. Whether we work full time or part time or are stay at home moms seems to make no difference. Most mothers are feeling the same. There are so many parenting choices and opportunites these days, so many new mothering options and strategies, so many new products that are supposed to make our kids brilliant and successful. And all that new research keeps hitting us in the face with what we must do pronto or else. And then there's the pressure of trying ot keep up with all the other moms and all that they do for their kids that could give them an edge over ours.
So, we are running around making all these appointments...and we're trying to play all these different roles: we're the limo driver, the party planner, the wardrobe mistress, the volunteer car washer, the super organized woman with the longest to do list on the block. The more we do , the more there is to do. The more we try to keep up with the latest parenting trends and competition for status and achievement, the more pressure and anxiety we experience. The more we wish we could keep it simple the more complicated and difficult it seems to become.
...Are you at all concerned that the complicated and demanding roles we're playing, however unintentionally, are being dictated to us from somewhere else, by some expert or guru or lady down the block?
...Okay, have I got your attention? Do you agree that all the stresses and pressures of being a mother today can wrench us away from being real and sticking to our intuition of what's best for our kids? So how do we get back in touch with what really matters to our kids? How do we know what is real?
I'll tell you."
Oh boy, and that is just 2 pages of the intro...See yall in the morning...HAPPY READING!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Check out This Blog

Hey Ladies!! My wonderful Pastor's Wife that I am always talking about, just started her blog. Its called Pastorette's Progress. She is a wonderful, totally selfless, and a very much inspiring woman, so I was hoping you might stop by and give her a quick hello and a little comment of support as she starts her blogging journey. I think you will enjoy what she has to say and will look forward to her posts! Yall have a great day!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Family Fun Friday

photo courtesy of
So, its the weekend already!! I am so excited because it is going to be a beautiful weekend here and I am ready to enjoy it. I must also say that I am very much looking forward to "Sleep Late Saturday" as my kiddos call it!! That will be nice!
For Family Fun Friday, I will post what we are going to be up to this weekend and hopefully you will to. Sometimes I feel less than creative and my kids end up passing the day doing pretty much nothing in their jammies. I HATE when that happens, so I was hoping that by all of us posting what our plans are, we can encourage each other's creativity when we are feeling a little less than creative.
So, this weekend my husband is working nights. Today I am going to pick up a movie for us to watch tonight since we will have no daddy boy to keep us entertained. I am also going to pick up 2 canvases from Michaels (using my 50% off coupons of course), and I am going to let the girls each paint a canvas to decorate their new rooms with tomorrow afternoon. This is such a cheap, inexpensive, and SO FUN thing to do. If you haven't tried it you should. The kids really take pride in it and its all ready to be hung as soon as its done. No framing, no nothing!! THEY LOVE IT and so do I. Pure peace and quiet entertainment for at least an hour or two!! For the rest of the weekend we will be outside, maybe in the clover patch if I'm lucky!! Searching for 4 leaf clovers is lots of fun!!
So how about you??? What yall got going on this weekend in the Family Fun category???

Old Navy Weekly

If you haven't heard of it is a website that Old Navy has with hidden coupons all over it. For the last few weeks they have hidden $50 off of $100 purchase coupons as well as $75 off of $100 purchase on it. This week we weren't so lucky, but there are some $10 off of $50 and $5 off of $25 so if you need to pick up some things this may not be a bad week to go. Just wanted to pass that along and let you know that I will be keeping up with that website and as soon as it updates again I will let you know.
If you never want to miss a thing, subscribe to my blog and you will always be in the know!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Who doesn't LOVE Free detergent??? That's what I thought! Nobody right?? So, click here to sign up to receive your FREE sample of the new Gain detergent. This sample is being offered through Start Sampling, which I am a member of and do find it worthwhile. Their samples are really good, so make sure you sign up to get the emails!! Happy FREEBIE!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Keeper of the Home Finale!!

I hope you have all done some soul searching during our short and sweet Keeper of the Home study these last few weeks. I wanted to leave you with a poem that was given to me years ago and stays close to my heart still to this day. We must remember God's calling on women and that anything short of our best is absolute blasphemy to our Creator. Remember that He has purposed us to take care of our families. No one else can do it, it is our job, our responsibility and what we will one day be accountable for. What an awesome God we serve!! How wonderful it is to think of how highly he thinks of us to leave us in charge of such a task. It is amazing to me and I want to do everything I can to glorify Him in all that I do. This poem, I think says, what is probably in each of our hearts, but sometimes gets shoved to the back when we are tired, aggrevated, or busy. With this being such a high calling and one that can only be accomplished by us...Christian wives and mothers...we simply cannot afford to let these words leave our hearts and minds for long. I hope you enjoy it as I have, and most importantly, I hope you will see ways by the words of this poem that you can change, do better for our God and for your family. I know I sure do every time I read it!!
I woke up early today, excited over all I get to do before the clock strikes midnight.
I have responsibilities to fulfill today. I am important.
My job is to choose what kind of day I am going to have.
Today I can complain because the weather is rainy
or I can be thankful that the grass is getting watered for free.
Today I can feel sad that I don't have more money
or I can be glad that my finances encourage me to plan my purchases wisely
and guide me away from waste.
Today I can grumble about my health
or I can rejoice that I am alive.
Today I can lament over all that my parents didn't give me when I was growing up
or I can feel grateful that they allowed me to be born.
Today I can cry because roses have thorns
or I can celebrate that thorns have roses.
Today I can mourn my lack of friends
or I can excitedly embark upon a quest to discover new relationships.
Today I can wail because I have to go to work or
I can shout for joy because I have a job to do.
I can complain because I have to go to school
or eagerly open my mind and fill it with rich new tidbits of knowledge.
Today I can murmur dejectedly because I have to do housework
or I can feel honoured because the Lord has entrusted His treasures into my care.
Today stretches ahead of me, waiting to be shaped.
And here I am, the sculptor who gets to do the shaping.
What today will be like is up to me.
I get to choose what kind of day I will have!
Author Unknown
And remember, we not only the molder and shaper our days, but as wives and mothers we mold and shape the days of our entire families. Lets leave a legacy of a mother who loves her children and husband, is completely devoted to them, and raises her children to glorify and honor the Lord...just as she does!! And let us always keep the Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 women, close to our hearts!! If you have enjoyed this study, I encourage you to go over to and see all that these ladies have to share on the topic of being a keeper of your home!! You will be amazed and encouraged, I promise!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tips and Tidbits Tuesday

Okay, ladies, sorry I am so late getting yall's tip to you today! Its been a shorter than usual day and I am telling you someone came right up under me and stole about 4 hours! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN??? For today's tip...I am going back to where it all began with Tips and Tidbits Tuesday because I have just learned that...are you ready???
Can you believe?? I feel completed scammed by Bounce!!!
I am out of dryer sheets and they are on sale NOWHERE, so I decided that I would ration my last one and cut it in half this morning for my 2 loads of laundry. Now I'm wishing I would have dared to try thirds because there is NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL!! I was in complete shock!!! So, now we will get twice as much use out of our dryer sheets before we stash them for glass shower door cleaning!! Doesn't it feel great???


Too good to be true??? I don't know but this thing sure is cute, so it is definitely worth the 5 seconds it takes to register ya'll!! Now lets all just sit at the mailbox and keep our fingers crossed!!
Check it out and register here! Thanks Ashley at Frugal Coupon Living!!


I have just learned that the Right Guard/Dry Idea sale is LIMIT 3!! In the paper in says Limit 1, but I was just in my local CVS and read Limit 3 with my very own eyes...check it out for yourself, but if my calculations are correct that means you could technically (if you play your cards right and buy the Colgate 1st) get a toothpaste and 3 deoderants for $2.00 and change. Not bad if you need to stock up. So here are those transactions for you.
Transaction #1
Colgate toothpaste $2.99 (make sure you get the right one from the advertisement or you won't get the ECB's) - $.75/1 QP from Sunday's paper Total OOP (out of pocket) $2.24 Earn $2.99 in ECB's Transaction #2 Right Guard deoderant $2.99 - $2.99 previous ECB's Total OOP $ FREE Earn $2.00 in ECBs Transaction #3 2 Dry Idea deoderants $2.99 -$2.00 Dry Idea coupon (click here) -$2.00 Dry Idea coupon (click here) Total $1.98 plus tax - $2.00 previous ECB's Total OOP FREE or nearly FREE because all you will be paying is your tax Earn $4.00 in ECB's

All of the pros say never to do more than 3 transactions at a time and I don't really know why. At my CVS the clerks love it when I come in and they think it is hilarious that I understand the Extra Care Program better than they do, but nonetheless, I have never done more than 3 in a particular visit. You may want to keep that in mind as you go out shopping!

I did Transactions #1-#3 today so now I have $4 ECB's leftover to save for next week's treasurers. If you have any ECB's leftover to start with use them on the toothpaste and then you will be spending less than $1.00 on everything. If you have followed along this week, you should be able to do that.
Remember, living frugally is a choice that is worth every penny!! By spending less on things that don't matter we can spend more on things that do!! Happy Shopping!! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me and I will do my best to answer it or I will send you to someone who can!!

CVS 101...For all my Facebook friends who think I am CRAZY!!

Good morning ladies!! Yesterday I posted about my CVS trip on my Facebook and got the most hilarious response ever!! My phone has been ringing off the hook and my inbox is exploding with friends who either think I am completely out of mind and that this is a huge scam that is somehow making me money by getting more people involved OR they want to know how to do it. Either way of thinking can be answered by just seeing how this works!! If you are also new to the whole CVS thing, you will be so excited about this too! Everything you need to know can be found at Frugal Coupon Living. Ashley over there is awesome, and is great at explaining the whole process! She details everything out and then posts exactly what she does. It is very helpful. I love to sit down on Sunday afternoons with a good cup of coffee, all of my coupons and what everybody else is buying to get all good and organized for my trip. Once you get the hang of it, you will appreciate everyone else's transactions so go over to Keeping His Kingdom First and get in on the $5 CVS Challenge. Then you can see how best to stretch your money!!
Good luck! Happy shopping!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


I have officially become CVS's #1 FAN! I love nothing more than to get things for free or super cheap, but to not fatten the pockets of the Walmart big that just makes me smile!
So here is what I am getting this week!!
I have $5 in ECB's to start with this week. This is the first time I will be going in there with ECB's and I have to say, it's the way to do it. I usually get so excited to have them that I end up spending them all and not continuing to roll them. BAD MISTAKE!! Keeping the Kingdom First has a great little tutorial on how to do this if you are new to the whole CVS thing!!
Transaction #1
Buy 1 Irish Spring Body Wash $4.99
Total $4.99
Pay with $5 ECB's
Total OOP $0
Total ECB's earned $4.99
Transaction #2
2 Pantene Products $7.00
- $2/2 coupon (from a Sunday paper, I just don't know which one)
Total $5
Pay with $4.99 ECB's
Total OOP $.01
Total ECB's earned $2.00
Transaction #3
Buy 1 Colgate toothpaste $2.99
- .75/1 Coupon (from Sunday paper, I just don't know which one)
Total $2.24
Pay with $2.00 ECB's
Total OOP $.24
Total ECB's earned $2.99
Transaction #4
Buy 1 Right Guard deoderant $2.99
Total $2.99
Pay with $2.99 ECB's
Total OOP $0
Total ECB's earned $2.00

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Keeper of The Home...Part 2

photo courtesy of
So, now that we all know what and where our homes are to us...what now??
Well, for our study this morning (which was supposed to post automatically yesterday morning...except yesterday was not the 12th...OOPS), I want us each to think about our day to day lives. They are all different, I'm sure. I have been a college student mom, a part-time working mom, a full-time working mom, and a stay at home mom. Each season of my life has made it easier or harder to keep my home. I won't lie to is much easier to keep my home and create that sanctuary now that my kids are in school than it was when I was working full time. But don't you think that is totally not coincidental in God's plan?

Do you think that God purposed or planned for women to work outside of the home, or do you think that consequences of sin have caused women to work outside of the home? I believe the latter because it was the truth in my own personal life. I certainly don't condemn working women, and am one myself, but I know just as every other working mom knows...when you are gone from your home for 8-10 hours a day, it is much more difficult to keep it the way the Lord intends us to and create that sanctuary than if you were in it all day. I am not saying here that working moms are any less able than stay at home moms to keep their homes. Shocker?? No, I believe that it will be harder for a working mom, but it can definitely be done. My pastor's wife always says this and it makes so much sense. She says that ALL women are commanded by the word of God to have their families at the top of their priority list. That means above themselves, above their pleasures, above their own jobs if they have one. The word of God doesn't tell us that we can't care about ourselves, that we can't have our own desires and goals that we are trying to fulfill or that we can't go to work everyday to support our families and be that helper to our husbands. No, but what the word does say is that your family STILL has to be your top priority, so when you come home late in the afternoon and want to just zone out in front of the tv because you have had a long day...TOO BAD. You choosing to add more to your plate doesn't give you the free pass to not have to cook supper, wash clothes, or spend quality time with your people. Those things still must be your top priority. So what I learned from this was that you can certainly be outside of your home as much or as little as you would like, just know that the more you are...the harder it is to get those things done that are commanded of you and what God cares most about you doing of you inside of it.

Now, here is the kicker. I have so many friends who take the glory road of "I'm a stay at home mom...look at me." I could not disagree more with that attitude. Because guess what? Going to the gym, meeting friends for lunch, taking sewing classes, playing Pokino, going out for "girls night" on the weekends...still means that you are OUT OF YOUR HOME, but your home must still be your top priority. And, just because you "stay home" doesn't mean that you are taking your responsibility with the commands that God has placed on you any more seriously than the next person. What are you doing with your time and how do you feel about what you are doing.
AGAIN, it is all about your heart. Your home is not the sticks and bricks that have built your house. It is the realm of your family. And how you keep it depends on what is in your heart.
Next week for our final discussion, we will talk about exactly what is in our hearts and how to make sure that our families are our top priorities!! See you all next week!!

Being a Keeper of the Home...What does that mean anyway??

So we all hear that we are called to be "Keepers of the Home" but what does that mean and how do we do that??
First, lets remind ourselves of what Titus 2 tells us...
"The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed."
Titus 2:3-5
That passage is so powerful and is so stock full of direction and inspiration for us as wives and mothers. I think though that the last 8 words are the most important. "That the Word of God be not blasphemed." Have you ever thought that you are a blasphemer? I certainly would not consider myself one. I think of people like Judas and King Herod and atheists when I think of blasphemy, but the reality is, if you are not living and doing what God has called you to do, you are spitting in his face. YIKES!!
Y'all, I will be very honest with you. This is extremely difficult for me. I am one of those people that has regrets, worries about everything, is always looking back to what I could've done differently and looking ahead to the next phase in my life. I rarely am able to live in the here and now (which by the way is something that this scripture has taught me to do). When my kids were little, all I wanted them to do was move on to the next milestone. The second they started walking I was ready to potty train, and as soon as they were potty trained I was searching for a preschool. I have such a tough time just being. Now that my kids are older I am ready for a do-over. But guess what? Life doesn't offer those. We can't go back and change anything just as we can't skip the parts of our lives that we want to hurry through. But what we can do is serve the Lord through our families each and every day without ceasing in order to honor "that the word of God be not blasphemed."
How does that fit with being a keeper of the home?? Well, I keep my house cleaned, my kids are always well dressed, I even read them a bedtime story at night and show my husband attention every now and then. So doesn't that mean that I am being a Keeper of my Home? The first thing I had to do to figure this out was have myself a good old soul searching.
Daily chores are certainly part of keeping your home. But where is your heart while you are busy in your day to day activities? That is what defines you as a keeper of your home. Are you singing praises to the Lord that you have a family to take care of or are you cursing your husband because he never puts his shoes away?? You can read a bedtime story to your children but are you whole heartedly purposing to teach them what is right, to instill values in them that they will take with them as they grow? Or are you, like me so often, just trying to get through the story so that you can get that kitchen cleaned?
This is difficult, I know, but the first thing I had to realize to get on this track was that my HOME was not my HOUSE. Does that make sense?? So where is HOME you ask?? Home is anywhere my family is. If we are on vacation, HOME is our condo/hotel/RV. If we are at church, HOME is our pew. You think I am crazy?? Let me explain...keeping your home is very different than keeping your house. Keeping your home comes from your heart. It is a desire, a purpose to take care of those we love. It is not the day to day chores, it is how we do the day to day chores. If you have the most spotless house in the neighborhood, but you're mad that you had to clean it or won't let your kids back in once it's clean (don't lie you know you've thought it), you are keeping your HOUSE but not your HOME. Get it??
So how in the world can I call a church pew home?? Well, because to me, my home is wherever my family is. Right now we are living with my parents while we are building the house we plan to live in for the rest of our lives. Does that mean that because I am in my mother's house that I don't have a home to keep? Not at all. I keep my home here just as I would anywhere. I am still cooking supper and enjoying dinner with my family at the kitchen table. Sometimes with my parents joining and sometimes just us. I still read to my children at night and talk with them about their day and pray with them. My husband and I are still having lunch together and spending time just the two of us. I am still keeping my home even though I don't have a house...does that make any sense at all? Now, let me say this. Every choice we make, makes it easier or harder to keep our homes. Does living with my parents make it harder to keep my home. YOU BETTER BELIEVE! Why??? Because all I want to do is sit in the kitchen and chit chat with my mom and sister. My mom and sister also exercise every evening together and I want to join them...BUT I CAN'T. I have to remember what my top priority is. Its my family. Whether I want it to be or not, God has called a woman to be the keeper of her home, with her family as her top priority. Period. Like it or not its what scripture says.
So now that we know what HOME is...What do you want your home to be?? What does it look like. And no, I'm not talking paint color! For me, I want my home to be a refuge from the outside world. A safe haven for my family, that sanctuary that you can come to and be secure even from the worst situations. Is it that way all of the time? No, absolutely not, but I desire it in my heart and I have purposed that I will create that for my family, at all costs. What is it to you??
Ponder on that this week and lets meet back here next Wednesday morning to discuss what our homes are to us and how we make them what we want them to be without going crazy...And coming soon, the Mom much time do you have to spend in your HOUSE to keep your HOME...cause I'm not trying to be imprisoned in there y'all!!! Stay tuned for that fun!!
BLASPHEMERS y'all...think about that because that is what just did me in!!
Post! Post! Post!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this!! See y'all next week!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lets Talk Gosselin

Hey Ladies! We haven't had a chance to chat Gosselin here lately with my hectic schedule, but now that Im back on track I am just wondering what everyone is thinking of the new house, Kate's new look, the puppies (OH BOY), etc. I hope you have been tuning in and loving it as I have. I have to admit though, I am almost as excited about the Duggar's tonight and find that I have so much in common with them, even though they seem so weird on the surface. I love that Michelle, she is a doll. So tomorrow we may be talking Duggar!!!
The only negative comments I have to make about the Gosselins these last few weeks is that Kate is starting to get a little cocky again. I don't know if she is just tired or what, but she is not the same Kate from years past. That makes me so sad. Also, the twins seem to be crying out for just a crumb of attention. I am not really understanding that either, even though my oldest is just a few weeks younger than Mady and Cara and she acts the very same way so how is that for reality tv!! I am loving the house though and I have to say that the little slideshow of the old house last night had me in tears. I love those 6 babies so much and to see them just grow up before our eyes is so devastating, huh?? Now, tell me what you think about Jon and Kate Plus 8 lately. I have missed our Gosselin conversations!!

Book of the Month Club

The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace
Hey Everyone! Can you believe it is March already?? Time is just flying by! I am so excited to share a book with you this month that absolutely changed my life. I first read The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace when I was first married...almost 12 years ago. I was anything but submissive, as I grew up in a house where my mom ruled the roost and both of my parents were extremely unhappy. I am also a bit of a control freak, by my own admission, so submission was not even in my vocabulary. But, the study began at my church and I had to go. I learned so much from this book that it is now a given that it will be my gift at any and every bridal shower I am ever invited to. With chapters on issues like home, love, respect, intimacy, communication, conflict, anger, fear, and loneliness this book pretty much covers it all. I cannot tell you what this book has done for my life and how many people this book has affected in that same way in my little circle. This book has been passed around and passed around and believe it or not, I had to buy a new one because I couldn't even remember who had mine last to get it back. If you are struggling with submission, or if you think you have it all under control, I can promise you this, you will be humbled and amazed by what Martha has to say about God's plan and purpose for us in our homes. This is one of those books though that may touch a nerve. You must humble yourself and remember why you are reading it because the author does not go easy and wastes no time digging up those underlying issues that you may not even be aware you have. Please consider going over to Amazon and at least reading an excerpt from the book. You can get to it by just clicking it in my Amazon widget. I saw this morning that you can get the book for less than $4.00 plus shipping which is nothing in comparison to what you will gain from it. Enjoy!! And if you read it, please post back and let me know!! Happy Reading!!

Tips and Tidbits Tuesday

Good morning everyone!! I have been leaving yall hanging on my tips and tidbits these last few Tuesdays because my life has been extremely hectic and I do apologize. I have really missed yall and am so glad to be back!! Today, this tip is for all of you who battle that darn flat surface electric cooktop. Yeah, I know that you have heard of all of these products that are supposed to clean that funk off of the cooktop...but THEY NEVER WORK. I have battled mine for 2 years now and it was driving me insane until my mom broke out the ZUD!!!
This is a product that when seen on the shelf it looks as if Uncle Bubba made it himself and then decorated the can. It's priced that way too(good thing), but this stuff works I tell you!
Here is my testimony...a few weeks back I was cooking a roast and folding clothes in the living room at the same time. Long story short when I came back into the kitchen to check on my roast it had been overflowing for quite some time and I had a mess on my hands. My mom came in a little bit later and just whipped out the Zud and cleaned that disgusting stuck on that surface mess in just a few seconds. Yall, I would have spent 3 days using the squirt stuff that comes with the cooktop. Believe what I say and go get you some Zud. It works better than Bar Keepers Friend...and any other product you want to put it up against I promise...HAPPY CLEANING!!!
Don't forget tomorrow is our beginning study of Being a Keeper of the Home and what that means. Please join me on this walk and lets figure it out together!!

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