Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grab the Big Bop magazine please...

A great blogger friend of mine Taylsa totally brought me back to the good old days of playing HOUSE (Did anyone else play that where you had to list 3 people you wanted to marry, how many kids, blah blah blah and by process of elimination it magically saw into the future and told you the rest of your life?  Or was that just me?) Anyway, this is absolutely like that or those awesome quizzes in the Big Bop magazine that I answered while talking on my swatch phone, in my Z Cavaricci's or Gibeau jeans with the tight roll, and my mall bangs with a little Debbie Gibson in the background (Electric Youth...sorry).  Yes, those were the good ole days and the closest thing I got to going back to my sponge painted teal room and New Kids on the Block posters in this total stalker quiz...I LOVE IT!!  Join in, its fun and if you do leave your blog in the comments so I can come stalk you!!!

What color are your socks right now?  Seriously, socks??  Its 156 degrees in South Louisiana, taking my feet out of the pool is a total chore, Mama aint wearing socks!

What are you listening to right now? Housewives of New Jersey replaying for the 35th time...I don't know why but I never get tired of those girls and their drama...when I grow up I want to be Caroline!

What was the last thing you ate? Homemade Chocolate pie

Can you drive a stick? You betcha!  But I won't because I value my life and the lives of others on the road.

Last person you spoke to on the phone? My Big Daddy Boy

How old are you today? 31 and proud!

What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? Did I mention I live in South Louisiana....LSU football and that is final!  GEAUX TIGERS!!

What is your favorite drink? sweet tea

Favorite food? chocolate

What is the last movie you watched? Toy Story 3 and CRIED LIKE A BABY!  I don't want to grow up, I want to play with my toys forever...I hate that Andy is going off to college and secretly I want to be Bonnie...it was horrific I tell ya and I HAD NO KLEENEX, wet sleeves!!!

Favorite day of the year? Christmas

How do you vent anger? I go to the absolute opposite extreme and turn into psycho sweetheart...its kind of scary, there may be a need for medication for folks like me!

What was your favorite toy as a child? Okay, where do I begin, Barbie, with her mansion with the elevator and the pool...Precious Places with the magnetic wand that turned on all the lights, oh or what about the Popples or Pound Puppies, I could go on and on.

Favorite Season? SPRING

Cherries or Blueberries? Cherries

When was the last time you cried? Watching Toy Story 3. It was bad yall, very bad.

What is on the floor of your closet right now? dirty towels, I really need to do a load of laundry

What are you most afraid of? My kids growing up

Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers? Plain

Favorite dog breed? Border Collie all the way.  We have one that is 11 and she is the best dog ever!   

Favorite day of the week? Monday, weird I know, but I am a schedule kind of girl and I like to get back on my routine.  It just feels good.

How many states have you lived in? Just Louisiana, born and raised.

Diamonds or pearls? Im with Taylsa, new lens please.

What is your favorite flower? Hydrangea hands down

Did you get an H1N1 vaccine? No way, I will take my chances.  

Monday, June 28, 2010

1000 gifts

We just got home from a very relaxing week at the beach and I have so much to be thankful for this morning...

beautiful white "not oily" sand

bike rides at sunset

short little naps on the couch

ocean waves

ice cream cones

a 4 hour trip that takes 8 hours and all the laughing along the way

the opportunity to take a vacation this summer

the wagging tails of my precious dogs when we came home to them

God's tender nudge that keeps my paths straight

baby birds and mommy birds and this amazing thing called life

being back at church after vacation and our pew being empty and waiting for us

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Okay yall....I found this video this morning on House of Smiths and I truly thought I was going to fall off my chair right onto the floor. If you have not seen this yet....YOU ARE GONNA DIE!!!! It is hilarious!!!  All I need to know is if a Yukon XL qualifies as a swagger wagon??  I so hope it does!!  Enjoy!


Monday, June 21, 2010

1000 gifts

And my list goes on....


friends who finish your sentences


my grandmother who is 80 years old and my best friend.

a sprinkler on a hot summer day.

mother daughter talks over a great cup of coffee.

the book of Job in the Bible.

sufficient grace.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day to My Big Daddy Boy!!

To the greatest father I have ever known...

To the man who still makes my heart skip a beat...

The guy who can fix anything...

The King of Littlest Pet Shop Monopoly...

Who never feels that he has to prove himself to anybody...

But who proves himself to us over and over again.

We love you Big Daddy Boy!!!  Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1000 gifts

I have come to the conclusion that if we all just slowed down long enough to see all of the graces that are given to us by our heavenly father, we may just realize that we have no reason to grumble.  In an effort to ground myself in Him and prepare for the homeschooling journey in the fall, I am joining 1000 gifts on an awesome blog called A Holy Experience.  If you have never visited Ann's blog go directly there now.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200 JUST GO!!!  This world is so deceptive and wicked, and her blog is such a reminder of where we are supposed to be.  I am hoping that writing down each and every thing I am thankful for on Mondays will keep my focus not on the things of this world, but on Him alone.  So here is the beginning of my 1,000 gifts....I know its not Monday, but Im an instant gratification kinda girl and I just really can't wait.

To be rooted is perhaps 
the most important and 
least recognized need 
of the human soul.
~ Simone Weil

I am thankful that I am saved by God's amazing grace and by nothing that I have done...

for being rooted

for my husband who works so hard for his family and sits in the same spot every night

that God chose me to be Mom to the most perfect little girls ever

for summer

for vegetable gardens, even when its too hot to enjoy them

for air conditioning

for a precious friend and the birds eye view of the amazing work God is doing in her life

for a one of a kind country church that is exactly where I am supposed to be

for a few little girls and a too small classroom each and every Wednesday night.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sweating and shucking...Louisiana summer!

Yesterday I truly believe it was 142 degrees outside.  At 7:00am I went out to feed the chickens and I was seriously wringing wet when I got back inside.  Here in Louisiana we really don't have a spring.  It goes from freezing cold to blazing hot overnight...it really does.  And the humidity here is just unreal.

While we may not have a spring, one thing in Louisiana we do have is CORN and lots of it.  While mine is still not ready to pick, my good friends down the road picked theirs and brought some down yesterday for us.  Yall, living in the country fits me so well because I just love the mentalility of the people out here.  Yesterday morning before church I got a call that they had picked a bunch of corn and wanted to know if we wanted some.  Being my first year to grow corn I jumped all over the generous offer because who knows if I will end up with a single ear in this blistering heat. But the dilema was that on Sundays we spend the majority of the day at church and at my parents house swimming {which by the way is really the only thing you can do here...did I mention 147 degrees}, so I didn't want to take corn that I knew I couldn't tend to.  She assured me that the corn would be fine because it was so hot outside {somehow that preserves the sugar}and that....get this....they would bring it down to me on their way in from church becuase how about they picked the corn before church and put it all in the back of the truck and then went on to church, truck full of corn!!!!  How hilarious is that????  And as promised my good ole friends Garrett and Aline came down and left me a big ole humongous bag of corn on my driveway!!!  When we made it back home I was so excited I shucked corn in my swimsuit on my patio and didnt even care!!!

And you may or may not know, when you shuck corn you better be ready to boil and store it or you have just wasted some corn.  My grandmother boils her water and then goes to pick the corn with a pot of boiling water by her side...that is how critical it is!!!  Well, maybe that is overkill but it sounds so urgent doesn't it???  We boiled our water, and brought in our ears and we boiled corn and ate corn and boiled corn and ate corn.  We put a bunch away and I even froze some cream style just in case my corn doesn't do so well {again...blistering heat yall...blistering}.

And even the chickens think that fresh corn is way better than canned corn and totally worth the work!!

If you are going to be shucking you some corn any time soon, this website is EXACLTY the perfecto directions for storing it.  It is verbatum how my grandmother does it...minus the 10 gallon bucket of boiling water in the corn field.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our June Plans

I am very new to homeschooling...as a matter of fact we haven't even started yet.  We will begin in the fall, but really yall I feel like an expert because I have been a homeschool blog stalker for a good year or so!!  Don't mind me as I investigate every thing yall are at home doing with your kids while mine are at school.  Ha!

This summer is going to be a huge transition for us as we are going to relax and de-stress for weeks.  But, we are also planning a huge new journey.  One that we have dreamed and prayed about for a very long time.  This summer will be the doorway into our homeschooling journey and I cannot wait!!!

I was very excited when I stumbled upon the Homeschool Village Blog Fair over at Layton Family Joy because now I am not just some creepy lurker...Im official!  I am a real deal homeschooler...not just a stalker wannabe, so I can join!  I am tickled pink to tell yall that June will be a new start for us.  May was the bitter ending to life as we knew it as we closed the door on the private school chapter of our lives and told our many wonderful friends goodbye, cried like babies, and jumped for joy...all at the same time.  Weird, I know .  June is our fresh start...and we are ready for that!  June will be filled with many trips to the library, lots of swimming, lots of bowling because we signed up for kids bowl free and the 4 of us can bowl 2 games for $13.50 TOTAL {I am nothing if not frugal}, and lots of routine.   We will also squeeze in a trip to the beach at the end of June, which I cannot wait for and enjoy a new get together we will lovingly call "summer lunches".  This little gig is something that me and a few of my friends got started where we will rotate houses just to drop in and have lunch.  I can't wait for that to start!

So, that is what we will be doing in June.  I feel so free to be able to enjoy my summer without volunteering at the school or raising money for the school or buying uniforms, or tennis shoes.  Instead I can curriculum shop...much much more fun!

Since becoming a homeschool blog stalker several years back, I have become a serious business stalker of many many moms...so many that it is hard to only choose 3.  But I am total BFF's with these gals, although they have absolutely no idea who I am.  Right now I am super stalking Simple Homeschool, Blue Yonder Ranch, and Homeschool Creations.  I need to keep my head clear and get a vision of what I want to do this upcoming year and these gals never cease to inspire me...that is for sure.

Thanks for stopping by and please come back again soon!

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