Monday, December 29, 2008

Still in the Giving Spirit

In 2008, we have had a lot of time to think about how privileged we are just with our daily blessings that my favorite book, "Life is a Vapor" by John Piper, says we are too arrogant to even see. Last Christmas we were shoving Hannah Montana and High School Musical down our kids throats so that they would be the "normal" 6 and 8 year old girls in America!! This year our kids really got into the American Girls and WHOA...what a change in their attitudes. Last year everything was bossy, sassy, and 7 going on 16. This year, since we have boycotted all of those shows that are "so last year" they have completely had a makeover in their little spirits. Their 2 favorite American girls, Samantha and Kit, both show that you can't judge someone by their wealth or lack of and that when people have problems you should be there to help them!! This has been such a reality check in my life and hopefully one that I can keep reminding myself of. All I wanted was for my kids to be normal, but what it took me a little while to see was that normal is selfish, lazy, and totally non-compassionate for those around us that may be less fortunate. Not to say that Hannah Montana and High School Musical turned my kids into monsters because that certainly isn't true, but I did see a side of them that was more concerned with themselves than others and totally unsatisfied. This morning we woke up and researched "Soles4Souls" a charity that provides shoes to children all over the globe that cannot afford them. We read the stories together and both of my kids wanted to help. It made me so happy to see the shift in their hearts from a year ago and I could not be prouder. We donated money to the charity and together were able to provide 30 kids with a pair of new shoes. WOW!! They were so proud of themselves, but not nearly as proud as I was. This coming year, I challenge myself and everyone I know to take our kids back. Bring them back to the ways of our parents, the roots of past generations that raised us to be the way that we are. I am challenging myself to break free from the trap of Hollywood and to raise my children to be servants not masters, selfless not selfish, and to be satisfied not greedy. I want my kids to "not be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the Word of God." Join me!!!

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