Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Its 100 Degrees in January

WHY??????  In South Louisiana we don't get a very long winter, but this year my goodness gracious!!!  It was really only cold for 4 nights and that was like a cold snap back in November!!!  I don't ever remember a winter this hot and humid!!!!

In an effort to try to convince myself that it is in fact winter, here are some pics of what has been going on around here in the last few months....

Elfalfa came to visit and was up to mischief as usual...

We had a Pioneer Woman cinnamon roll making day with my mom...YUMMY!!!

We ate so much of this delicious chocolate gingerbread, filled with chocolate ganache cake that I could have popped!!!  My sister in law made it {recipe came from somewhere in a Southern Living magazine} and it took her 9 HOURS to make, but it was sooooo worth it!!

Lots of fun time with cousins...

Lots of remembering what the season is really about....

More cousin time in New Orleans {where they live} complete with uptown shopping and lunch at Slice {an amazing pizza place}.  We ended our day with a gelato from Sucre!!!  YUMMY!!!!!  These kids love each other so much and have so much fun together!!!  Im talking play all day fun!!!  
Im pretty crazy about my sister in law as well!!!!!

And a day downtown with Maw Maw {my momma}!!  We just strolled around the lakes and visited our state capitol!!  From the top we could even see daddy's work!!  That would be the big oil refinery in the above picture in case anyone is wondering why in the dickens I would include that pic!!  He was working that day, so we went to the top of the state capitol and called him and he drove to where we could see him and we waved at each other!!!!  Lots of corny fun!!!!! 

I want to remember these days forever!!!

Now we are back in school and yearning for summer!!!!  
The 100 degree weather is really making me want to hit the beach!!!  

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