Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prayers are urgently needed PLEASE!!!

Hey everyone,

As we all hold our babies in our arms or feed them supper or tell them to pick up their toys, we are all abundantly blessed beyond measure!!  Tonight, I heard about a mom who lives about an hour from our house who is holding her son tonight while all she can do for him is try to keep him comfortable!!!  Her son is 2 and was diagnosed at around 2 months old with "EB" a very rare skin disease that causes severely painful blisters that often are accompanied by extremely painful and difficult and sometimes impossible to heal infections.  I have never ever heard of this disease before nor had I ever seen anything like it.  She has a blog and I encourage you all to please go over and see her post from tonight as she wrestles with how to best keep her son comfortable as she tries to wrap her brain around the possibility that the Lord may be calling him home.

Leave her a little note to let her know you are praying for their family and please lift little Tripp up to the ultimate healer.  And then thank the Lord above that you have been so very blessed in so many ways that we don't even realize or even, heaven forbid, acknowledge!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Overload

I have been in my final days of curriculum planning since April, but I am hoping to finally order soon.  We have had an unusually busy summer here and it seems our busy season won't end until we go back to school.  

Lets just say I am on summer overload! 

In addition to all of the usual summer fun {seeing friends you haven't seen all year, lots of play dates and outings, Vacation Bible School, etc.} we will be hosting a wedding and reception at our house at the end of the month.  WOW!  We are very excited, but we have so much work to do in just a short 2 weeks.  Can I just say that our Walmart pool still sits on my patio??  Yeah, you know what Im talking about!!

My backyard has to go from this...

To this...

In just 15 days!! Can you see me sweating???  We are really hoping to pull if off!!!  Big Daddy's brother is getting married to a fabulous gal, so we want to make it beautiful for them.  Did I mention just 15 days??  Again I ask, "Can you see me sweating???"

With all of the planning and decorating and getting the house presentable that goes into having a wedding at your house, I have been at an absolute stalemate with curriculum planning!!  UGH!!  I will hopefully place my order in just a few days and then have it all here, so that I can spend the entire month of August preparing!  We won't start officially until after Labor Day because {in other fabulous news} my sister and her husband are taking the girls to Chicago for a little end of summer getaway!!  I'm so excited and nervous and excited and nervous that I can hardly stand it!!! 

Whew...lots going on!!!  But it is all such good stuff!!!!  This has definitely been a summer to remember!!!  I hope to be able to share more as the wedding gets closer!!!  But for now, I guess I better get back to transforming my dry, {hasn't rained here in months} weed infested, {its 147 degrees, I really haven't weeded anything} ant taken over back yard into a perfect wedding wonderland!!

Ta Ta For Now,

P.S.   Has anyone ever heard of or known anyone to use Living Books Curriculum???   I love it and want to use if for history and science as well as some language arts aspects, but I am super nervous because I can't really find anybody out there that has actually used it outside of their forums!!!!  The website is if you want to check it out!!!  I'm so torn!!!  Please help!

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