Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tips and Tidbits Tuesday

Good morning everyone!! I have been leaving yall hanging on my tips and tidbits these last few Tuesdays because my life has been extremely hectic and I do apologize. I have really missed yall and am so glad to be back!! Today, this tip is for all of you who battle that darn flat surface electric cooktop. Yeah, I know that you have heard of all of these products that are supposed to clean that funk off of the cooktop...but THEY NEVER WORK. I have battled mine for 2 years now and it was driving me insane until my mom broke out the ZUD!!!
This is a product that when seen on the shelf it looks as if Uncle Bubba made it himself and then decorated the can. It's priced that way too(good thing), but this stuff works I tell you!
Here is my testimony...a few weeks back I was cooking a roast and folding clothes in the living room at the same time. Long story short when I came back into the kitchen to check on my roast it had been overflowing for quite some time and I had a mess on my hands. My mom came in a little bit later and just whipped out the Zud and cleaned that disgusting stuck on that surface mess in just a few seconds. Yall, I would have spent 3 days using the squirt stuff that comes with the cooktop. Believe what I say and go get you some Zud. It works better than Bar Keepers Friend...and any other product you want to put it up against I promise...HAPPY CLEANING!!!
Don't forget tomorrow is our beginning study of Being a Keeper of the Home and what that means. Please join me on this walk and lets figure it out together!!

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