Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Book of the Month Club

The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace
Hey Everyone! Can you believe it is March already?? Time is just flying by! I am so excited to share a book with you this month that absolutely changed my life. I first read The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace when I was first married...almost 12 years ago. I was anything but submissive, as I grew up in a house where my mom ruled the roost and both of my parents were extremely unhappy. I am also a bit of a control freak, by my own admission, so submission was not even in my vocabulary. But, the study began at my church and I had to go. I learned so much from this book that it is now a given that it will be my gift at any and every bridal shower I am ever invited to. With chapters on issues like home, love, respect, intimacy, communication, conflict, anger, fear, and loneliness this book pretty much covers it all. I cannot tell you what this book has done for my life and how many people this book has affected in that same way in my little circle. This book has been passed around and passed around and believe it or not, I had to buy a new one because I couldn't even remember who had mine last to get it back. If you are struggling with submission, or if you think you have it all under control, I can promise you this, you will be humbled and amazed by what Martha has to say about God's plan and purpose for us in our homes. This is one of those books though that may touch a nerve. You must humble yourself and remember why you are reading it because the author does not go easy and wastes no time digging up those underlying issues that you may not even be aware you have. Please consider going over to Amazon and at least reading an excerpt from the book. You can get to it by just clicking it in my Amazon widget. I saw this morning that you can get the book for less than $4.00 plus shipping which is nothing in comparison to what you will gain from it. Enjoy!! And if you read it, please post back and let me know!! Happy Reading!!


  1. I have heard such great things about this book. I may see if our church library has it. Thanks for sharing about it!

  2. That looks like a book I really need to read right now. I will have to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation :).


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