Friday, March 27, 2009


Okay everyone...prepare yourself for this. I checked this book out at the library last week and have begun to read it a second time. This book is the wake up call I very desperately needed in the life of my family and in my journey to yielding to the high calling that the Lord has placed on me as a mother. This book is unbelievable I tell ya! Rest assured, I am a big reader...but only of good books. If I say its good girls...the book is GOOD!!! I will close a book in Chapter 1 so fast it is not even funny. Im a major discriminator of books...if its not good I will not finish it. You can trust me!!
So what does all of this mean????
I guess I'll just go ahead and tell ya...
Because of the direction parenting is going, I feel very compelled to share this with you. When I first started my blogging journey it was because I truly want to start a revolution of sorts to bring us back to basics when raising our kids and to join moms together all across the country to change the way of life as we know it as far a parenting goes. I don't know about you but I am not interested in teenage pregnancy, smoking, drugs, and sex in 6th grade. THIS WORLD IS BROKEN and only we can fix what needs to be fixed within our own families to make a difference for our kids.
Now that I got that off my chest, our April Book of the Month is
12 Simple Secrets REAL Moms Know.
I am going to accompany this book with an intense study that I think will bring you back to where all of our hearts want to be with our families!! I hope you will join me. This is reality, girls. This is a huge wake up call. This is what EVERY mom needs to know and nobody in our "BROKEN" world is going to tell us.
This study will last all month and I will post as much as possible (Lord willing). I hope to post each morning so that you will start your day with a simple secret of REAL motherhood. Please don't hold me to that though yall...Im not good with the pressure...LOL!!
This study comes at the perfect time for me since Season 4 of Jon and Kate Plus Eight is over, so I will not be sharing any of my Gosselin thoughts (but before we close that book, let me just say that I am extremely disappointed in Jon and Kate. They are really not what I thought they were and I am starting to believe that they are not doing as well in their relationship as they would like for us to believe. I hope its not true but I am starting to think that Kate has let a little bit of fame go to her head. Isn't it funny how all satan needs is just a little crack...BRUTAL). I think that this book is so absolutely necessary for moms today...I just can't even tell you. So please prepare your hearts for this. If you can make it over to your local library see if you can pick it up because there are lots of charts and worksheets in there that just are not feasible for us to go over in this format.
We will begin with an introduction tomorrow morning. Please consider joining us. There is just so much to learn. I promise you at least one Ah-Ha moment and am certain that this will make you feel like you are not alone and give you the courage to parent the way you know is right...OOOH its just so good!! If you think there is something here for you or for someone you know, please consider subscribing/following my blog and you won't miss a thing. Also, encourage a friend to join us as well. It is that good. Younger moms or newbie moms, this can save you years of heartache. Older moms or veteran moms, this could potentially change your life and how your kids will view you much later in life. Its never too late!!
Okay so you know I can't leave you is an excerpt on what you can expect from JUST THE INTRODUCTION!!!
"Of course we love our kids to pieces and would do anything in the world for them. That's never been in doubt. But many of us feel torn, pushed, and pulled in different directions. Whether we work full time or part time or are stay at home moms seems to make no difference. Most mothers are feeling the same. There are so many parenting choices and opportunites these days, so many new mothering options and strategies, so many new products that are supposed to make our kids brilliant and successful. And all that new research keeps hitting us in the face with what we must do pronto or else. And then there's the pressure of trying ot keep up with all the other moms and all that they do for their kids that could give them an edge over ours.
So, we are running around making all these appointments...and we're trying to play all these different roles: we're the limo driver, the party planner, the wardrobe mistress, the volunteer car washer, the super organized woman with the longest to do list on the block. The more we do , the more there is to do. The more we try to keep up with the latest parenting trends and competition for status and achievement, the more pressure and anxiety we experience. The more we wish we could keep it simple the more complicated and difficult it seems to become.
...Are you at all concerned that the complicated and demanding roles we're playing, however unintentionally, are being dictated to us from somewhere else, by some expert or guru or lady down the block?
...Okay, have I got your attention? Do you agree that all the stresses and pressures of being a mother today can wrench us away from being real and sticking to our intuition of what's best for our kids? So how do we get back in touch with what really matters to our kids? How do we know what is real?
I'll tell you."
Oh boy, and that is just 2 pages of the intro...See yall in the morning...HAPPY READING!!


  1. Kellye,

    I really think we would be friends in real life so I guess the blog world will have to do for now... I hear ya about the books... I am the same way. If I don't like it within the first few pages, it's a goner as far as I'm concerned and I don't recommend books unless I have completely enjoyed them myself.

    So, I just requested this book at the library. Having an 18 year old daughter and boys that are the ages 11 and 12, I don't read too many parenting books anymore because I think I read so many of them as they were growing up. I'm anxious to read through this though because I know that I can never stop being a better parent.

    Thanks for sharing about this and I look forward to reading your thoughts.

  2. Cannot wait!!! I'm ordering the book today.


  3. Kellye,

    Oh yeah... I can't forget about dear ole' Jon and Kate. Last episode... very sad and I agree with you.

  4. Christy, We absolutely ARE friends in real life!! What are you talking about...HA HA!! I talk about you all the time like we live next door!! Thanks so much for saying "hello" to my friend over at Pastorette's Progress. You will love her...I promise.

    As far as this book goes. I don't recommend unless its awesome...and this one is. There is so much to learn, I really think you will be amazed and especially with your daughter getting to be at the age where your hard work is paying off, I think you will get alot out of it!!


  5. Kellye,
    I'm looking forward to your posts about this book!
    The libraries around here don't have the book so they are doing an inter-library search for me. Hopefully they will find it somewhere! I'll be following either way.
    I'm all about reading parenting books right now. Even though our daughter is only 7 weeks old, I am trying to soak up as much as I can about being the best parent I can be. It's important to us to be intentional in how we raise her to be the woman of God that He has already fashioned her to be.


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