Monday, August 2, 2010

Is it August Already??

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Summer is officially winding down isn't it?  With the school year beginning just weeks away, I can't help but look at our summer and wonder if we have done everything we wanted to.  I had so many big plans, but somehow the days have just slipped away from us week after week.  Now that there are only a few carefree weeks left to enjoy, its time to assess and decide what will get done and what just won't.

Here are a few of the things that made my list of Top 10 things I wanted to do with the girls this summer...
  • Family beach vacation.  check
  • Take girls roller skating.
  • Go as a family to play laser tag.
  • Join the local bowling league and go bowling often. check
  • Take girls to see Ramona and Beezus, Toy Story 3, & Despicable Me. check. check. check
  • Go to local splash park for the day.
  • Finish both girls bedrooms (curtains, duvet covers, etc.)
  • Decorate the girls playhouse outside (curtains, rugs, furniture)
  • Learn to crochet or knit together
  • go to New Orleans for the day
Not much got done on my list, but what we did get done was a blast, so I won't beat myself up about it.  Now, I just have to decide what we will fit into August and what is just going to have to wait.  Here are my thoughts on what is left to do...
  • We will absolutely 100% go roller skating.  My kids have only been a couple of times, but Kamryn really got the hang of it last time and I know they would enjoy it.  Plus that is an indoor activity and right now that is a huge plus!!
  • While Laser Tag is is alot of money for a little bit of time, plus everybody on the planet is there all summer long so its very crowded and congested...not my thing.  Maybe that will get put on hold until everyone else gets back to school.
  • The local splash park is a must and really I have no idea why we haven't been already.  That one is a must ASAP. {plus that is good picture material there}.
  • I really do want to finish the girls bedrooms as well.  There really isn't that much to do in either of them, but there is just that feeling of "not being done" and it drives me CRAZY!!  So that will definitely go to the top of the list.  Im always up for painting furniture and hanging curtains!
  • Hmmm, the playhouse is a tuffy!  Im not sure if that maybe something that can wait until fall when it cools off...I mean nobody is going out there in this heat for sure.  Also, I plan to decorate it with garage sale finds and make it real shabby chic, so that will probably be best done in the fall when the garage sales are plentiful.
  • Crocheting is something I reeeeaaaallllyyyy want them to learn to do.  I would love it if they wanted to make their American Girls a hat or a purse or a dress maybe.  I must call the library and see if they will have the classes in August...we missed the July session {booohhhoooohoooo}.
  • I hate to say it but New Orleans is definitely going to have to wait.  For one, the hottest state in the country right now is Louisiana and the hottest place in Louisiana is New Orleans, go figure. But, more importantly than that, we are doing Apologia Science, Flying Animals of the Fifth Day and I can smell a field trip to the New Orleans Insectarium and Zoo to see the flying things.  Oh boy!
How bout you?  What has made your summer wish list cut and what is it just time to clip?  I can't believe we will be starting school in less than one month!  

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