Thursday, August 26, 2010

Midday Ramblings

Karsyn aka The Morning Dragon {today} decided to grace us with her presence at 9:00am this morning...I had been trying to wake her up since 7:30 and got nothing but weeping and gnashing of teeth.  
I had to fix her waffles AFTER Kamryn had finished hers because Karsyn wasn't up when we ate breakfast.  After I gave them to her she kindly replied, "Mom, Im not really that into waffles."  Hmmmm....okay then!!
I fixed her toast and looked at the clock to see that we were officially one minute behind before we ever got started. Im seriously questioning what happened to the little girl that cried and begged every morning of school to just "BE WITH HER FAMILY." 
She will be drinking Benadryl tonight at approximately 7:00pm!!! {did I just say that out loud?}

The day ended up wonderfully {despite our little morning hiccup} and we had a super fun science experiment to wrap up our learning of how God made birds' wings.  Our hypotheses were even correct!!!

And its 2:00 and we are done!!!

Homerun today, now who knows what next week will bring!!  Have a great weekend!

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