Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Curriculum 2010-2011

This blog hop was the highlight of my summer last year...even though my kids were in private school {yeah I'm a psycho} so I have been waiting and waiting for this year to kick off!!

In case you are still in limbo over curriculum, check out all of the great blogs that are linked up over at Heart of the Matter.

I'm so excited to start our homeschooling adventure and cannot wait to dive into these books that we have chosen for our curriculum.  Im busy right now in planning mode as Mr. UPS continues to pay us daily visits...its like Christmas!!

Here is what is coming to my door step these days...

Kamryn {4th grade}
Karsyn {2nd grade}
  • Abeka Arithmetic 2 {She has had Abeka her entire life and does really well with it, so I think that we will stick with it until she is ready for Teaching Textbooks in the next couple of years}
  • First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind Level 2 {LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS}
  • The Complete Writer, Writing with Ease Level 2 
  • Abeka Spelling and Poetry 2 {I really want to make sure that she has all of her phonics blends down.  She is also a weak speller so I am not sure that she is ready for Spelling Power.  One more year of Abeka for her.}
Bible {All Together}
History {All Together}
  • My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures {I really wanted to do Story of the World, but then I realized that My Father's World uses Story of the World as its main text after this series. I'm so excited because that was a very tough decision for me.}
  • Galloping the Globe {I think I will use this in addition to MFW because it just looks soooo fun}
Science {All Together}
Art {All Together}
Literature/Required Reading
  • A veteran homeschool mom in our church that I very much look up to and love to pieces shared her system of required reading with me and it made so much sense.  She always had a list of books that her girls had to read for the year.  It was required of them {even though there was no A.R. test or book about that} and every day they used time after lunch to read their Bibles and/or to read from their required reading list.  We will definitely incorporate this into our day.  We may read together, I may read aloud, we may separate and have some silent reading, we may listen to a book on CD, I don't know but there will be a whole lotta' reading going on over here!!  I'm working on my "Required Reading List" {sounds so official, I love it} now!

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