Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Survived...and thrived, well sorta

Yesterday was our first day of school and it went really went considering we are all very new to this.  It was only 47 hours long and we never even made it to history and science.  I am nothing if not an overachiever!!!

I have done a bit of revamping on my "what seemed to be perfect" schedule because I am thinking that things are a bit repetitive and there is a whole lotta' language going on that may be unnecessary.

For instance, with my 2nd grader I did language, creative writing, handwriting, and spelling....WHOA stop the presses!!  That is a lot!  Had I known, I could've really skipped handwriting because she has to write her spelling words, that
is handwriting.  So goodbye handwriting until after Christmas when we will start cursive...she is nowhere near ready!!  Not only that, but we also do copywork in creative writing which is creative "WRITING" {hello} so double goodbye to handwriting.  

And, my 4th grader's 10 week {that I was turning into 2 week} language program is exactly what they call it...INTENSE!!!  For us anyway today!!!  She did not already know some of the advanced types of nouns, and that is a doozie to try to wrap your mind around or teach {hello} on the first day...we spent 45 minutes on her language and that was wayyyy too long!!!  Im languaged out gals!!!  LOL!!

Long story short, we had a great day besides a few planning problems on my part and the fact that we had to "check in" due to oversleeping...LOL!!

I'm so ready to give it another try today and we will have our first field trip on Thursday!!  Big Daddy is going to be our "substitute" and as long as everyone turns in their "permission slips" we will be headed to the hunting camp to see how much we know about directions {beginning of our Geography}!!!  So fun y'all!!

I guess the biggest hiccup we had on our first day {other than it was 47 hours long and we never got to the fun stuff} was that both of my girls fought over who had more time with Mom!!!  I will work harder tomorrow on our schedule so that we all feel relaxed and not as rushed as we did today!!!

Here are the first day of school pics of my star students...

Wootie is in the 2nd grade

Wami is in the 4th grade

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