Monday, August 9, 2010

Homeshcool Planning...with my best gals

What does every homeschool mom need to kick off the school year???

Well a homeschool planning day of course!

We sent the kiddos (all 14 of them) elsewhere and had a lunch date at my house GIRLS ONLY!!  I'm not real sure how much "planning" got done, but I know that there was lots of laughing, eating, coffee drinking, and fellowship and, hey, I will take it!!!

These girls mean the world to me and I am so thankful for them to be on this journey with me.  Even though we have kids of all different ages, different likes and dislikes, different curriculum choices, and different methods altogether, I truly believe that we are going to see the fruits of the Lord in our lives this school year and I couldn't be more excited!!!

So, from left to right, except for me of course in my Target pink dress :)

Kara {my very young, like 24, friend who is wise beyond her years and is more mature than some 40 year olds I know.  She is so grounded and is homeschooling her 4 children under the age of 9 for her second year.  She never hangs up the phone without saying I love you and is never afraid to have a meltdown} I love you girlfriend.

Desirae {my very newest friend who just joined our church recently, but fits like the last piece of a puzzle, she has had her kids in a very upscale private school in our area and has always felt that something was missing.  She is bringing them home and will be homeschooling her 2 boys in Kindergarten and 3rd grade and I am so excited to see her rock the Abeka world}.

Mrs. LuAnn {the wealth of knowledge that as a new homeschooler you are just so thankful to have around.  She was a homeschooler before homeschoolers were 20 years, okay.  Not a one of her 4 daughters have ever graced the doors of a school and have all graduated to go on to different things in life except her youngest who is almost a high school grad.  Her oldest is married and expecting their first baby and her middle two are pursuing their interests, one in photography...she is actually who took the pics in my header...and the other in the culinary restaurant world.  All girls who I totally think the world of.   Mrs. LuAnn keeps the big picture in mind and always looks at things to make sure she is glorifying God.  She is actually the homeschooling friend I told you about here who taught me about required reading that so many of you have commented on.  I totally want to be Mrs. LuAnn when I grow up.}  Thank you Mrs. LuAnn for sharing so much with us and keeping our feet on the right path.

Kayce {I have introduced you to Kayce before, but in case you missed it please go check out her blog Pastorette's Progress.  You will not be disappointed.  She is the rock of the ladies at our church, our pastor's wife, and as most of us would definitely call our superhero.  I would be here all day telling you about Kayce, but let me just sum it up with she is homeschooling her 2 children in 7th and 9th grades.  Her 7th grade son has autism and she could possibly be the best mom I know.  She is inspiring and always has the right words.  You just have to know her.  She is that girl who can have 47 kids in her home, cooking supper, preparing for her lesson at church, and if you call her world just stops for whatever you need.  I am so thankful and proud to call her my friend.}

So this is my crew, minus two very important gals who are praying and seeking the Lord's will in their lives regarding work, schooling, raising children, you know the deal, and who also mean the world to me.  We missed them this weekend but know that the Lord has it already planned out and whatever their decision may be, they are making the right one.

I know that homeschooling is not a group effort, but it sure is nice to share your experiences, fears, likes, dislikes, and coffee with like minded gals that you think the world of!!

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