Saturday, January 3, 2009

One Mom's Book of The Month - January

January's book of the Month is one that I just picked up at a local thrift store but is amazing!! It is called The Book of Virtues by William Bennett. This is a book of stories to read to your children that are written by classic authors like Benjamin Franklin, Emily Dickinson, get the idea. The values and character traits that are built into this book will NEVER be taught to our kids in a public my opinion. The stories are awesome!! Just so that you will not think I am off my rocker with some "Four score and seven years ago" bedtime story, let me just give you a glimpse of the very first story. It is about the "pleases" that live inside your mouth and if you don't let them out they will leave your mouth because they have to get fresh air and light to survive. If you don't let them out (as the rude children do not) they will leave your mouth forever and go to someone elses. My kids thought that this was the funniest thing ever and every time they have said "please" this afternoon, they have gotten the biggest kick out of it. Some of the poems and short stories, just like with any other book, will be skipped over because of one reason or another and some are too mature for my kids, but with virtues like Self Discipline, Compassion, Courage, Loyalty, Faith, etc...the book is well worth the money. It is over 800 pages long and is chock a block full of great stories and poems that the kids just love! This books shows that Character does matter!! I think you will really like the book and will keep it around for a long time!!

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