Friday, January 16, 2009

Frugal Friday ReCap...CVS

Today I am so excited to say was my very first CVS trip and while I already see some mistakes I don't think I did so bad. I keep hearing that this was a bad week for CVS, but I am happy with my here is what I got!! Transaction #1 1 box of Soy Joy bars ($6.00) (I agree with Mommies with Cents...they aren't the greatest, but hey, they are free and got me a good start on my ECBs) $6.00 + $6.00 ECBs earned 2 Colgate Toothpastes ($2.79 B1G1) used $1.00/1 coupon and $1.50/1 coupon $.29 ___________________________________ Total $6.29 $6.29 OOP (out of pocket) $6.00 ECBs earned Transaction #2 1 Listerine Mouth Wash ($4.39) $4.39 + $3.00 ECBs earned 1 Gillette Shaving Cream ($1.65) $1.65 ____________________________________ Total $6.58 $.58 OOP because I used $6.00 of my ECBs to pay for it $3.00 ECBs earned Transaction #3 1 Speed Stick Deoderant ($1.99) $1.99 ____________________________________ Total $2.16 Paid for completely with $3.00 ECBs earned from Listerine *Im not sure how many ECBs I have left over, I need to check to see if any!!* $6.87 Total OOP $8.67 Total Savings!! Not bad for my first CVS run!!


  1. Isn't it like a game? You are doing great! And it gets so much easier when you learn prices and how to work your coupons with sales.

  2. Great job!! I'm still learning to, if feels so good to be frugal and to find that deal!!!


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