Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Okay ladies...who doesn't love a good fashion show every once in a while. Sarah Mae at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee is doing a fabulous study in our 5:16am Club on MODESTY!! WOW...if you have not subscribed to it already you should because just when you think you know everything about being modest...believe me, you don't! It is such a sensitive "to-ma-toe, to-mo-toe" kind of topic, but I really think that the Lord is going to convict some hearts through this study each morning! You can subscribe by clicking here!! show off all of our best modest fashions, Sarah Mae has lined up a Fashion Show! So get dressed, put on makeup (yes really), and get out the camera cuz its time to show everyone how hip and trendy a modest mama can be!! Then go somewhere once you log off...I mean really, you'll be dressed and all!! Click the Modesty Blog Fashion Show pic above to get in on the fun!!

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  1. Nice to "meet" you Kellye! Welcome to blogging! I would love to see some other people's fashion show photos, but for me, I am a little too round these days to want to see myself on camera! :) Maybe after this baby is born in a few weeks I will be brave enough?


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