Monday, January 5, 2009

Motivate Me Monday {The Proverbs 31 Woman}

Good Morning!! First let me say that I cannot even for one second believe that I am awake!! I will be the first to admit that I am not a morning person, and really not a night owl either, now that I think about it..ha ha! But as we all get back to our daily routines of getting the kids back to school, getting the house back in order from Christmas (which for me is double hard because we are living with my parents right now as we build our new house), and starting the new year, this is so needed for me because I need the Lord in the mornings just the same as I need Him throughout the day and in the evenings. What a great way to start the day!! As I am reflecting, like everyone else, on what the Lord wants to see from me this year, I go straight to the Proverbs 31 Woman (don't you just love her?). After reading about her years ago, I quickly learned that there are so many levels to the job Mom and Wife that you could work around the clock and never cover them all! She is such a great example to me and to what the Lord wants to see from His wives and mothers, so this year I resolve to work harder at prioritizing and time managing so that I am better able to serve my Savior and my family as she does. Here is just a glimpse at the Proverbs 31 Woman, who the Bible says is more precious than rubies!! She gets up before dawn preparing breakfast for her household. She works far into the night. She is an energetic and hard worker. She is thrifty and conservative. She isn't a gossiper, and when she speaks her words are wise, and kindness is the rule for everything she says. She watches carefully all that goes on in her home and is never lazy. Her husband can trust her, and she will richly satisfy his needs. She will not hinder him, but help him all her life. She generously gives to the needy. And she manages her time and prioritizes to take care of her family, so that none of them are ever in need. Yall, the biggest reward though of reading of this truly inspiring woman is the last verses.
Her children arise and bless her, so does her husband.
He praises her with these words: "There are many fine women
in the world, but you are the best of them all."
Proverbs 31:28-29
Isn't this what we all want? To make our families happy, to raise our children to one day grow up to know the difference between godly and worldly, to create a tone of security in our homes, to be the backbone of our family instead of being the anchor that drags it down, to be a help mate to our husbands just as God created us to be? For our children and husbands to bless us and know how much we love them? I think so.
So as I go out into 2009, I will continue to reflect on the Proverbs 31 woman, and I will keep telling myself over and over that nobody can do these things in our family except me. It is my job and it is what God has appointed me to do from the beginning of time!!!
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  1. Isn't it an amazing task what the Lord has appointed to women since "the beginning of time?" Wow!

    I know that I will fail if I don't rely on God and His strength to help me in my tasks...Aim for excellence but fall into grace! :)

  2. This is a wonderful post and something that I am so glad I stopped over to read! I too, will be marking this chapter to reflect upon throughout the year. It's nice to have God's guidelines with which to measure ourselves. ;)

    Thanks so much for the inspiration and the motivation!

  3. Just dropping by from Sarah Mae's post today. This was so encouraging to read and such a great reminder that God has covered EVERY area of our life in His Word...

    I too want to be a woman that blesses the lives of those around me, especially when it comes to my husband and children. Thank you for the encouragement and I'll be back to visit:)

  4. sounds like such a large "to do" {or "to be"?} list, doesn't it? So grateful that with Christ we can strive to be this woman without guilt for our imperfections.

    This post made me want to do a Proverbs 31 study! Thanks for sharing!


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