Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Show some love!

How cute is this??? I just went to Target and got my $1 each mailboxes and could not be happier about this fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day and the possibility of maybe getting a sweet little note from my Big Boy!! WHO LOVES VALENTINES DAY!! Check out all the details at one of my favorite blogs to follow Beautiful Mess. Come back and show me how yours turns out!! I love this idea!!


  1. Kellye,

    I just bought the same little mail boxes this weekend. Aren't they so cute!

    I just posted about the free Suave product (thanks to you!) and have linked to you in my post:)

  2. I'm flattered!! Thank you!! Can't wait to see how you decorate your boxes!!

  3. Very cute! Only I don't have enough room for all the boxes I'd need!

    Just wanted to thank you for reading at It's so nice to know I'm not talking to myself and even more fun when someone talks back. Thanks for commenting. Let me know what you would like to see more of.

  4. I'm going to get to Target soon so I can do this. What a fun idea!!!

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  6. I bought these little mailboxes, after seeing them on Kasey's blog too!

    Target was out of the red and white ones, so I got the silver ones. I don't think I'm going to decorate them, just for Valentine's day, our boys asked if we could leave love notes for each other all year?! Couldn't resist getting love notes from them . . . done! They're staying up! :o)


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