Thursday, January 8, 2009

$$No Loyalty When it Comes to Saving Money$$

Hey Ladies! Yesterday morning on GMA they had a momey manager on showing you how to stretch your dollar. One thing she said was that you can have NO loyalty when shopping. She explained it like this and it makes so much sense, but was so tough to get through my thick skull for such a long time! She said that if Colgate is your favorite toothpaste and you have brushed with Colgate your whole entire life and Crest is on sale, you have a new favorite toothpaste. Next week if Colgate is on sale, it can be your favorite again. Wow, how such common sense stuff can take so long to sink in!!


  1. Great advice! There are some things that I have to remain loyal to though... toothpaste (Crest) and peanut butter (Jif). I now buy these at Sam's (it's like Costco) though and I don't feel so badly about what I'm spending. It's definitely cheaper buying them in bulk.

    I have been trying really hard to save money at the grocery store and it is SO hard! Going grocery shopping used to honestly be something I enjoyed. Not lately... it's so depressing!

    Thanks again for sharing the tip!

  2. This was hard for me - when it came to diapers and toothpaste (ironically!).

    I always had to have aquafresh whitening...but now if it's not on sale I go with something else (sigh).

    For diapers I would buy the most expensive - Pampers - but I finally took the plunge and bought the store brand and they worked fine!


  3. When I became a stay at home mom, I realized that my new job (besides being a momma) was to watch our budget. We decided on a certain amount to spend every month (broken down into categories), and my job was to make sure we didn't go over.

    I like to refer to myself as a tar baby ~ once I like something, I stick with it. While learning to be frugal with our money, I had to let go of this a little. While it was hard at first, I learned we actually liked those other products out there. And now I usually refuse to pay for hair products, toothpaste, or deoderant if you can believe it.

    Marketing can truly trick your brain sometimes.


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