Monday, January 19, 2009

House Building 101

This week was not as productive as we would've liked because we were waiting on inspections pretty much all week! We did finally get all of them though and now we are ready to move on to the next phase...STUCCO, ROOF, and BRICKS!! I could not be more excited. So, here is where we stand on WEEK 8... Lots of painting going on at this house this week. We rented a man lift from Home Depot to be able to reach the tippy tippy top of the house so that we could paint all of the eaves and overhangs (I guess that is what they are called). My big boy (aka husband, which he would much rather be called) has worked so hard this week caulking and painting all of our hardi-pank siding (which is alot) and by doing all of that SAVING US LOTS OF MONEY!! He even suffered his first "on the job accident" when a 2x4 fell on top of him and knocked him to the ground. Funny now, not funny when it happened. While Big Boy had the man lift, he decided it would be smart to go ahead and hang the shutters. Great idea!! We also went ahead and installed the flood lights...which I have a money saving tip to go along with... To the naked eye these look like those really expensive "Oil Rubbed Bronze" floodlights. Well, not on our dollar. These floodlights are the $9.99 white ones and with a little bit of spray paint now have the beautiful oil rubbed bronze finish at a savings of $20.00 per floodlight!! Now, I know that you aren't looking for a reason to upgrade your floodlights, but think about this for light fixtures and items that you may not be in love with anymore. It is amazing what a can of spray paint will do!! Just for fun, here are a few of our interior pics...a first glimpse of the inside of the house. This is the kitchen and before long I hope to be whipping up some good food and even better coffee in it!!
And here is our living room where I look forward to doing lots of entertaining our friends and church family!
And one more, just for kicks...have you met my neighbors??? If you are like me and love the movie Barnyard, then you too are probably waiting on him to start dancing!! We laugh and laugh at the cows and the kids just know that one day we are going to drive up and they are going to be having a party in our living room...GREAT MOVIE!!

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