Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tips and Tidbits Tuesday

I know I skipped last week and I do apologize...very hectic week. But today's tip should well make up for it. You will love me for this...I promise!
Have you fought and fought to get that indestructible stain ring from the inside of your toilet?? I'm not talking about the one that comes once a week and you use your toilet cleaner to get right off. I'm talking about the one that is still there after you have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. In our house, 2 weeks after we put in a brand new toilet, there that line was. It was a light gray in color but made the toilet look like it wasn't being cleaned. If you don't have these lines, you may just live in an area that doesn't have this problem. My parents' toilets are 30 years old and they have no ring, so I am pretty certain it has to do with your water.
Anywhoo...I have discovered the best product EVER to get this ring off. It is called "Drywall Screen" and you get it in the hardware/paint section of your local home improvement or hardware store. It comes in sheets and looks sort of like screen door screen, but more firm. One pack of this stuff (runs abut $4.00) will literally last you years. Cut off a small square and lightly scrub the line away in your toilet. I have been using the same little square for about 4 months. It acts as a sandpaper and will literally just wipe it right away in a matter of seconds. Trust me on this...nothing else works better. I have done sand paper, lemon juice, salt, you name it...if it has been recommended I have tried it. This is the ticket. Now be careful and don't use it on your toilet seat or the outside of your toilet because it will scratch it. Just use it on that stubborn ring and be joyful. This will change your life!!


  1. I know the exact ring you're speaking of, since we bought an older home! I will definitely have to go to Lowe's and get some of that! $4 is alot cheaper than a new toilet!! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks for the tip - I'm gonna try it!


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