Friday, February 6, 2009

Family Fun Friday

Happy Friday to Everyone!! I always seem to either have a really good idea for what my family can do over the weekend or we stay in our pj's all weekend doing absolutely nothing because I am not feeling creative! Maybe that happens to you too. If it does join us for Family Fun Friday where we can all share what we will be doing this weekend with our families or get some great ideas if we aren't feeling too creative. I hope to be inspired some weeks and inspire you others. Here is what we are doing this weekend... My hubs works shift work, so it will just be me and the girls. Saturday we will go to Michael's, coupon in tow, to get fun stuff to hand make their valentines that they will be passing out this week at school. Then we will come home to make them!! I am also hoping to get my hands on the new American Girl movie as well for Saturday night!! What are yall doing this weekend???


  1. Original plans were to go to a huge craft show, but my craft-show-partner cannot go now. SO.... now I'll probably have a quiet day at home.

  2. We go to our YMCA and swim as a family on Saturdays. Then sometimes we'll watch movies later or work on a project around the house together.

  3. Have missed you this past week- hope all is well :)
    Did you enjoy your family fun friday? Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. I'm missing your posts!! R U okay?


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