Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Book of the Month Club

I will be recommending a book to you every month that I feel is a must read for today's Christian woman and mother. For February, I am so excited to recommend one of my all time favorite books, "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World" by Joanna Weaver. This book gives us practical ways to spend more time with the Lord amidst our extremely busy days. In each of us lives a Mary, who wants to spend more time with the Lord, who longs for that quiet time with our master, that hungers to know more about him. But in each of us is a Martha as well, who has clothes to fold, kids to feed, boo boos to kiss, and a job to do. How do we balance it all? That is what the books aims to teach us and Joanna Weaver does a phenomenal job helping us along the way. Sometimes for me, my studying time in God's word just seems like one more thing on my to do list and there is no better example of this tug of war than with the two sisters from Bethany Mary and Martha. I am so much of a Martha...it is scary. Jesus is coming?? Are you kidding me?? Well I have this to do and that to do and a perfect supper to cook and a house to clean and I must wash everything and plant new flowers and get new tablecloth, etc. But inside me there is a Mary that I long to be so badly. Someone who can just sit at Jesus' feet and let the rest of the world slip away. I'm a perfectionist so when I read the story in Luke, I also get aggravated the Mary won't help Martha, and I just want Jesus to compliment Martha on a job well done. She just wants a little kudos for all of her work in preparing this perfect showplace for her guests. She is the Biblical Martha Stewart, don't ya know. But that is not what she gets at all.
I encourage you to go back to Luke and read the story of this visit again while thinking about yourself. We each a little Mary and a little Martha inside of us and this book will help you balance the two!


  1. I will put that on my "to read" list! I have the other book by that author but have not yet read it. I always love finding out about a good read so thanks for passing on the suggestion:)

  2. I read this book when it first came out and enjoyed it--I remember it being a good teaching reminder about priorities and resting in Jesus instead of being busy. I might need to get it out again!


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