Monday, February 23, 2009


Hey Everyone!!
I cannot believe any of you even noticed I was gone. That makes me so very happy. As most of you know, I am down here in Louisiana which puts me right slap dab in the middle of MARDI GRAS MAYHEM. Now while you all should know that we don't at all participate in that big humongous dark cloud of sin and filth that takes over our state for the next week, there are certain things that are just tradition around here. For the last week, I, and another mom in my Kindergarteners class, have been working on our two little darlings' Mardi Gras float for the annual Kindergarten Mardi Gras Parade at school. SO MUCH FUN!! I really have not had time to do anything else, I tell ya!!
The parade was Friday and Mardi Gras madness is over, but I am still eating the king cakes and will continue to until the last second I can!! They are so delicious!!
So here is what I have been doing for the last week...oh and not to mention work at my house is CRAZY!! We got our cabinets in this week and they are finishing them up over the holiday...I say holiday because around here life stops...we are out of school for the week and it seems that everyone except me is a drunken maniac on Bourbon Street...YIKES!! Anyway, I will post pics of the cabinets tomorrow. Its so exciting. We starting painting next week hopefully!!
I hope you enjoy the Krewe of Kindergarteners Parade pics!! I have missed yall and thanks for missing me as well!!
I told the kids that with everything we were throwing, we looked like the cart that comes around at the circus...not a Mardi Gras float!! Can you believe by the end we didn't have a single thing left??
Their float was the Krewe of Krowns and they loved every minute of it! So fun!!


  1. I love the float. It's so cute. You'll have to post pics of your new cabinets

  2. Glad you're back. I missed your posts! Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!!!


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