Sunday, December 13, 2009

Have you seen The Blind Side yet??

Have you??  If not...get yoursefl a babysitter NOW and go!!  Not tomorrow, not this weekend, RIGHT NOW!  Its that good yall.  It really is.  I am not a movie watcher and must say that I usually leave the theater feeling like I wasted alot of money and that the movie could've been alot better.  Not so with The Blind Side.  It was wonderful!

Here are just a few reasons why you must see this movie...
  1. oooh bullets are so fun.  No, that isn't my reason, but they are aren't they?  Reason #1 is that it brings us to a place that most of us, myself included, forget exists.  We don't realize what the "ghetto" is because we don't live there.  We quickly judge those who do, but really we have no idea.
  2. It creates a tugging in our hearts for those who are less fortunate than we are.  It is easy to say that "they need to get a job" or "that they could do better if they wanted to do better" but this movie really shows that sometimes circumstances prevent you from doing anything other than what you are doing and that somehow God will use someone from the outside to give a person a chance that otherwise they would never have.
  3. That person that God uses just might be you, but unless you take the blinders off of your eyes and realize what the world is like and what is happening in the neighborhoods you don't drive in, God can't use you.  This movie completely opened my heart to this need and really hit home with me that I just close my eyes and pretend this reality doesn't exist.
  4. It slaps you right up side the head with what the Bible says about being a "do-er" not a "hear-er".  This movie is full of "Christians" who do nothing and don't want to do anything.  How sad the truth of that really is. 
  5. This is true yall, Sandra Bullock is PRICELESS in this movie and you will fall in love with this family and be inspired.  But be sure to bring your Kleenex because I don't see how you will go through the first 4 seconds without need them.
You won't leave the movie the same least I didn't.

So, if yall need me I will be driving around the ghetto looking for me a 400 pound 8 foot tall black boy to become part of my family and call me Momma.  No, seriously I will!!

Enjoy the movie and the change that will take place inside of you and please let me know what you think of it!!

oh...P.S.  I will be attempting to link up to The Nester's Tour of Homes at some point Monday.  I hope you can join us and we will just have a good ole time!!

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