Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Im Back!

As I have been reading The 12 Simple Secrets Real Moms Know, I have learned that I am extremely OCD...can you tell?? Hopefully its not too obvious, but several things have happened to me lately that have caused me to just stop and ask myself what on earth I was doing. For that reason, I have decided to slack up on the intense 12 simple secrets study that I was posting on every single day. In my typical OCD style, I want to tell you every single thing that there is to know about this book and the heart change I am having in my own life. But, the truth is you may not be having this same emotional change in your own...again, did I mention that I am very OCD. So here is where I am... I am finishing up building a house that turned out to be much bigger and much more of a struggle than we originally anticipated (shocker?). I am still living with my parents (brutal). I am eyeball deep in my kids' wonderful school that is experiencing financial issues because of our current economy and was facing closure. But, the good news is that all of our families really joined together because we love this school so much and decided that we would fight for it and that is exactly what we are doing and you just wouldnt believe the blessings that are falling on this school. Its amazing, it truly is. But because we have all joined together, now there is work to be done, and I am the Parents Association president, so there I am...and with my typical OCDness I look like a dog after a bone. RIDICULOUS! Not to mention that its the end of the school year, field trips, parties, book reports, and all of those shananigans that go on this time of the year, I am still running on that hamster wheel and never seeing the end! IT HAS TO STOP...really it does. All Im reading about and learning about is just slowing down and it seems (just like in the book) that the more you try to slow down the faster you go. That is why I am going back to how I was when I first started blogging. I will just be back to sharing with you my day to day stuff when I find it and creating lasting friendships and seeking encouragement from other ladies out there just like me. I have missed yall, and hope to chat soon! Kellye

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  1. I know the study was a bit much for you, but I want you to know how much I appreciate you introducing me to that book. I encourage any one out there to get this book and embrace its ideas.

    You are doing a great job handling all you have to handle!! Hang in there. It is almost summer and you will be in your new house!!


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