Friday, April 10, 2009

12 Simple Secrets Every Real Mom Knows is the list of our 12 simple secrets!! Im so excited to get started!
12 Simple Secrets Every Real Mom Knows
Real Mom Secret #1
A Mother Who Loves Teaches Worth
Real Mom Secret #2
A Mother Who is Firm and Fair Gives Her Children a Moral Code to Live By
Real Mom Secret #3
A Mother Who Listens Shows Her Children They Matter
Real Mom Secret #4
A Mother Who is A Good Role Model Gives Her Children an Example Worth Copying
Real Mom Secret #5
A Mother Who Teaches Values Inspires Character
Real Mom Secret #6
A Mother Who Supports Her Children's Strengths Builds Their Confidence

Real Mom Secret #7 A Mother Who Encourages Independence Cultivates Self-Reliance

Real Mom Secret #8 A Mother Who Applaudes Effort Nurtures Perseverance

Real Mom Secret #9 A Mother Who Accepts Her Children's Shortcomings Nurtures Resilience

Real Mom Secret #10 A Mother Who Takes Time for Her Children Helps Them Build Strong Relationships

Real Mom Secret #11 A Mother Who Laughs Teaches Joy

Real Mom Secret #12 A Mother Who Takes Care of Herself Holds Together Her Happy Family

So...How do you feel about those simple secrets?? If you are anything like me the first time I heard them, I thought I was doing pretty darn good. I even felt like I had most down pat. Thankfully for us Dr. Borba uses actual stories from REAL live, actual moms who have alot to teach us, even those of us who may not be off the deep end psycho crazed and frenzied Motherhood Maniacs!

Ladies, face the facts...we have alot to learn to be where we want to be as mothers and Dr. Borba is here to help. In each chapter of Part Two, we will learn a secret and hear a story of an actual mom with an aside from Dr. Borba of what we can learn from each story. Then, ***and this is the best part*** Dr. Borba asks if this is a secret that is part of our parenting. She then offers some questions for us to ask ourselves to help us see, individually, how we can do better or to show us that we are already doing well with this particular secret! And if that is not enough yall, she then gives steps to getting us to mastery level of REAL MOM-NESS for each secret!!! Its AN AMAZING SOUL say the least!! And if that is not enough, she brings in her Custom Mothering Plan that she calls A Mother's Promise. We will work in it each week making promises to ourselves and to our families. WOW!!! And if that is not enough, she offers A Real Mom's Resources in each chapter which is a list of books upon books on each particular subject that you can read if you feel this is a significant weakpoint in your relationship with your child. She doesn't encourage a "how to" parenting style, but if you need more help, she can certainly point you in the right direction!

Are you interested in that custom mothering plan that Dr. Borba calls A Mother's Promise?? Here is how it works.

Read each story and then take a few minutes to reflect on whatever the secret is one you would like to you with your children. If so, continue reading the tips, strategies, and advice other moms give as to how they've incorporated the secret into their lives. Then ask yourself the most important question: How would I use the secret in my own parenting? But don't just think about it - if you really want to use the habit, then plan exactly how you will use it with your children. After all, the more you think through what you want to do, the greater the chances you will succeed. Finally, I urge you to write your plan and title it A Mother's Promise. If you take just a few minutes to jot down your promise at the end of each chapter, you will have created your own unique mothering plan for your family. (p.53)

Each week we will look at each secret on Monday, elaborate on it throughout the week and finish with our Mother's Promise on Friday.

This is such a starting point for all of us to see how we stand with our kids and on our same track, where we will be when they all grow up and move away. Don't you want that lasting connection and that love that "lasts for always"??? I truly think that this book will show us how to get there.

I look forward to starting Monday morning, and remember if you know anyone who could benefit from our study, please send her our way!! LETS GET REAL!!


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  2. I can't wait to get started. Those secrets are brutal!!! My book should be here anyday. Thank you so much for bringing this book to my attention. I am stuggling so much with "my people" and I can't wait to try these principles in our daily lives. They are growing up so fast. I don't want to spend another day going in the wrong direction. Kayce


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