Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday...what's on our table

Last week, we didn't really stick to our supper menu as good as I would have liked.  My husband ended up having to work nights several nights, so the girls and I ate very simply.  Because of that my menu is going to repeat a little bit.  Sorry, its a boring week!!!

Monday  January 24th
Breakfast - Waffles and milk
Lunch - Grilled cheese, chips, cookies, oranges
Snack - Chocolate Pudding
Dinner - Fajitas, Refried beans, Southwest Salad

Tuesday January 25th
Breakfast - Blueberry bagels with cream cheese
Lunch - Turkey Wraps, cubed cheese, grapes

Snack - peanut butter crackers
Dinner - Roast, Rice and Gravy, Green beans, Potatoes

Wednesday January 26th
Breakfast - Fried eggs and sausage
Lunch - Chicken Quesidillas, cheetohs, strawberries

Snack - caramel popcorn
Dinner - Subway night {in between gymnastics and church}

Thursday January 27th
Breakfast - French toast, milk
Lunch - Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, applesauce, graham crackers
Snack - Homemade Oatmeal Cookies 
Dinner - Mexican Tostadas

Friday January 28th
Breakfast - Oatmeal and toast
Lunch -  ravioli with marinara sauce, granola bar, grapes, goldfish
Snack - Goldfish, Applesauce
Dinner - Tortilla Soup

Saturday January 29th
Breakfast - Eggs and Grits
Lunch - leftovers of something
Snack - Free Snack day!  
Dinner - Eating at Cancer benefit

Sunday January 30th
Breakfast - Pancakes and bacon
Lunch - Eat at Moms after church
Snack - At Mom's
Dinner - Karsyn's birthday party...PIZZA!!

I'm linked up at with lots more menus!!  Head over there and get planning!!!

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