Sunday, January 23, 2011

Figure Life Out - One Thousand Gifts

When I first began reading Ann Voskamp's blog A Holy Experience, my soul just burst wide open. Her blog is a place to be filled. To be emptied. To laugh. To cry.
I find so much peace and comfort there, and when I heard she was writing a book, my heart skipped a beat. Her book One Thousand Gifts is on shelves everywhere and is definitely cheap at Dayspring and Amazon. I got mine for $10! $10! I am already racing through each page, and then I learn that Bloom is going to be doing a book club with this book, and my heart skips a beat again. In just two more weeks Angie and Jessica will be starting their online book club going through One Thousand Gifts with Ann!!!
If you have not gotten this book, watch the trailer below and then get the book. You will not be able to see it any other way, I promise!!! See you in the book club!!!

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