Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I found the Perfect Pumpkin Patch

I couldn't resist sharing a few snapshots of our Halloween weekend.  Now, let me just say that my title might have been a little bit misleading...and that while everyone else was out enjoying the weekend and I am sure beautiful weather...we were inside with a sorta kinda flu bug and the big daddy boy was working nights.  Oh and did I mention it was STORMING!!  So while I had really hoped our perfect Halloween pumpkin patch, pick the perfect pumpkin, hayride experience and...of shoot (would you expect any less from your Mom-a-razzi friend??) would end up with some awesome black and whites where just the pumpkins would be in color or the girls contemplating which pumpkin to choose in their perfect fall dresses and the wind blowing in their beautiful non-tangled hair...our weekend actually ended up like this...

Yeah, I must confess...that is us in WALMART buying rotten pumpkins the night before Halloween.  And before I go any further, I would just like to ask the question, 

"Who are those people in Walmart on Friday night??"  
Can someone please tell me!!

Anyway, we searched through the empty cardboard boxes to find just the right imported pumpkin...

Here is mine...

And then we did what any perfect, Betty Crocker family would do...
(Hint: please check the background here)

We hit the toy aisle!!!

Now, I am very ashamed to say that is what we did, but it was STORMING, and it was the night before Halloween, did I mention that??  And the guilt just absolutely took me over.  And my big daddy boy was working, and it was just me and the girls, and so we invited a friend to come along because I'm not fun.  And the pumpkins were rotten, and it was too late to carve them because we didn't even get to Walmart (aka the Pumpkin Patch) until like 8:00pm (which might I add goes against everything I believe).  And did I mention that all of my plans for Halloween weekend were RUINED!!!   Aaaahhhh.  I feel so much better.  

 So, because clearance pumpkins were not enough we go to see what the toy section has in store.  

Surely we will be able to find something there right???

Hmmmm....are we really debating on which toy to buy at our 
Walmart, Super Saver, Indoor Pumpkin Heaven??  
Yes, I truly think we are!!

I knew my girls wouldn't let me down.  

While I joke of this ridiculous night, I really did learn something which is the whole reason I am going through this embarrassment.  Moms, don't wait until the last minute to make your plans.  It happens every time.  I make the best plans and then something happens that is out of my control, like rain and my big daddy having to work, that ruins everything.  Next year we will be at the pumpkin patch on opening weekend so that I have time to edit the pics, get them made into greeting cards, and have them sent out to everyone I know with a slice of pumpkin pie 2 weeks before Halloween...How ya like that???  Well maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but this won't happen again...I hope!!

I hope y'all had a safe and Happy Halloween!!  Because as crazy as this idea was...we had a great time!! 

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  1. Hi Kellye,

    Thanks for dropping in on my blog and leaving a comment. I have been so out of the loop lately but am slowly making my way around blog land again!

    I just got caught up on a few of your posts... fun to see pictures of your activities!

    I also really like your new layout and LOVE the header. Did you do that on scrapblog?

    You know I will talk Jon and Kate anyday:) I thought it was a really good and insightful interview on Monday. Did you see it?

    Have a great day!


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