Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Parents

That is how my morning began today!!  Bru-to-tha-Tal.  Yesterday was the last "real" day of school before our long awaited and very much needed Thanksgiving holiday.  Because of that we didn't have homework and to be perfectly honest, enjoyed the evening beginning with slamming the book sacks down at the back door and forgetting about them until this morning when I went through the girls' book sacks to clean out any papers and notes from the day before and found what, to me, might has well have been a sentence to life in prison...

Dear Parents, 

As you all know tomorrow is our school wide Thanksgiving feast.  Your child needs to wear a fall shirt and blue jeans or khaki pants because there will be a picture back drop set up and we will be taking class and family pictures at our feast.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Elementary Teachers

Okay, seriously!!  Shouldn't this have been a note that maybe would have been better going home last Thursday so that Mom could run to the mall and BUY a fall shirt like a mad, deranged, psycho woman so that my precious babies could be all festive for the big feast?

Am I the only mom out there who doesn't decorate her kids for fall?

I mean come on, Ive got the pumpkins, the wreath on the door, the Indian corn on my table, the pine cones in their jar, but NO...I have not decorated my children!!  And its 1 hour until departure.  And we don't have a fall shirt, and we don't wear khaki pants because we are girls.  And everything cute they own that may work is in the dirty clothes. And I haven't even had my first sip of coffee yet.

Please someone tell me that it isn't just me.  

We have pumpkin shirts (but that would not be fall, that would be Halloween).  And we have Christmas shirts (again not fall but they better look out come Christmas because I am ready). But we have no shirts with turkeys or pilgrims or Indians or even fall leaves.  I mean really... excuse me if I don't have just the cutest shirt you have ever seen that says, "Gobble til you Wobble" on the front with a big plump juicy turkey and some leaves appliqued to the sleeves.  WHO DOES??  Or, since its "family pictures" would they like me to sport my knitted sweater complete with the Indian feathers...seriously??  Do they really think I own fall attire!!

Why do schools insist on making our lives difficult??  My kids go to private school so I basically pay them each month to torture me!!

So this morning, I poured my coffee and stood...dazing aimlessly in the girls' closets...dazing aimlessly, hoping for just brown or cream for goodness sakes.  Something that may be mistaken for fall attire.  Dazing aimlessly, just hoping it would jump out at me.  Nothing!

The ride to school went something like this (oh and please tell me you have had one of these mornings too).

Woot:  Mommy, she said FALL.  Mommy FALL!!  This isn't FALL this is just a plain old boring white shirt. 
Mom:  Honey that is too fall.  And its not white, its cream.  Now come on, you look beautiful!  And you have on your brown boots with the fringe so you look like and Indian.  I bet nobody else will be more fall than you!
Wami:  Mom, really, they didn't say to wear fall BOOTS, they said to wear a fall SHIRT!  And anyway, at least your shirt is white.  My shirt has polka dots all over it.  That surely isn't fall.
Mom:  Guys, come on.  Y'all look great.  And Wami, your shirt came from the FALL CLEARANCE SALE at The Children's Place, how much more fall can you get?  Here just put on your jackets and nobody will ever know.

I dropped them off, gave them each their hugs and kisses and hollered out the window as I drove away, 

Now remember, don't take your jackets off...
ITS COLD and we don't want to be sick for the holidays.  (*wink wink*)

As I drove away I thought to myself, 70 degrees is cold.  Isn't it?  Sure it is.  And we definitely don't want to be sick for the holidays, do we?  No, but what we really don't want is for someone to realize that those shirts so aren't fall.   Im just sayin'...

***Edited to add that NOBODY at the feast had fall get ups on...unless you count the boy in his
Indian costume and the LSU is fall right??***

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