Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shabby Saturday Finds

Okay, I know its not Saturday anymore, but I am running a few days behind on everything...so I am just now getting to what I wanted to share with you on Saturday!  I so want to be one of those gals that can whip in to a garage sale on a whim and load 2 tables, a horrific chair, and the best lamps you have ever seen onto the hood of her car for $3.  Unfortunately, as much as I love to garage sale, my mind goes into overload when I start to see stuff that may work in my home.  Uuugh...I hate it, but it is true.    I treat garage sales like the day after Thanksgiving in Toys R Us when they open the doors!!!  BRUTAL!!  So I am learning to settle down and take my time.  

And while I may not be the most skilled garage saler on the block, I love to them and this weekend the weather was perfect, so my mom, 2 girls (purses in hand) and I set out to around 10 or so sales in our area! Here are some of the great finds I got my grubby little paws on! I am so excited!!

I love this little bird cage for $3.50!!  I am debating on whether or not
 I am going to paint it or leave it!!

Okay, confession, when I bought this I thought it was a kitchen scale!  How embarrassing!!  And while it may be one of those lawyer looking scales...that is okay because they only cost me $4.00 and in my house it is a kitchen scale and in the kitchen is where it is going!!

Okay and this is a terrible picture but these little babies were only $4.00 and they are HUGE!!  

So that is what I found this weekend...I will post pics when I have them in their new homes!!


  1. I couldn't help notice your comment on The Simple Wife Blog - since I also live in Louisiana. Glad to "meet" another blogger from here! I love garage sales too, but rarely go.

  2. Love great deals. Its so nice to meet you!


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