Monday, October 12, 2009

Las Casa de Wootie-Open for Business

One of my favorite special things to do with my girls is help them to set up a restaurant in our kitchen. Usually when daddy has to run an errand he will invite the girls to come along. Sometimes both girls will jump in for the ride, sometimes neither will, but sometimes only one will tag along and the other and I will stay behind. As soon as the truck pulls out of the driveway the scurrying begins.
It is so much fun to prepare the kitchen as a restaurant and act as waitresses, hostesses, and chefs to our family memebers. It is one of my girls' favorite things to do and what a great way to learn hospitality and how to serve others. And mom gets some help setting the table...definitely a win/win!!
Last night I had cooked tacos which meant we had various menu items...perfect for our restaurant Las Casa de Wootie (that is our youngest daughters nick name). She set the table perfectly as I finished preparing the food. The table was beautiful and complete with candles, silverware wrapped in paper towels, and glasses of water. The mood was made perfect-o by music in the background. It is always a must for the girls to perfectly set the tone using the XM channels on our TV and not just any music will do. "Momma, its a Mexican restaurant, so we need Mexican restaurant music." Okay, no problem. "Calliente" on XM is perfect!!! Now, everything is ready and we are open for business!!! When dad and Wami (our other daughter's nickname) returned home they were greeted with an OPEN sign and a hostess with the mostess who took their name, phone number, and every other piece of information she could think of and seated them at the best seat in the house. It is so cute to hear the little ones use the "waitress lingo".
"Welcome to Las Casa de Wootie, can we start you off
with some chips and dip tonight?"
Then she runs to other side of the kitchen...
"Momma, Momma chips and dip hurry!!"
Then back to the table, "Here you go sir,
and what can I get you to drink?"
Then she runs to the other side of the kitchen....
"Momma, 2 root beers!"
Then back to the table...
"2 root beers and do you need a few more minutes
to look over the menu??"
"Our specials tonight are tacos, nachos, and taco salad.
Could I get you any of those?"
This is so much fun and something that I truly enjoy doing with the girls. They love to make their daddy feel special and I think this is one of the best ways to practice hospitality and serving others, as well as how to respond on the receiving end of such a sweet and loving gesture of service. Everyone involved has so much fun and daddy, above all, plays the part perfectly. He always compliments the chef on what a fantastic meal he enjoyed, makes sure to tell the waitress how impressed he is with the restaurant, and always leaves a tip!! Good times!!

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  1. You contuinue to amaze me everyday!!! I am so proud to know you and thankful for your heart and our friendship!!!! Could I please steal this idea because my "desperate" heart's desire is to make my home a refuge - a safe haven (from your keepers of the home study)??!!


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