Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happenings of a Homeschool...Week 2

This week our parable was the The Parable of the Weeds.  What a great follow up to the wise and foolish man because who are "weeds"?  The people who build their houses on the sand of course!!  We read the scripture in Matthew 13 and talked about how weeds can take over the garden, how they can sometimes look just like plants, and what kind of damage they can do.  Then we discussed why the farmer didn't want the servant to pull them up right away, but to wait until it was harvest time and he would pull both the wheat and the weeds up then and the wheat he would store in the barn and the weeds he would burn and how that relates to us today.  The girls are loving how Jesus used these stories so that people could understand what He was telling them.  The girls colored the coloring page below from here and then re-wrote the parable in their own words for their parable book they are creating!

Memory Work
Still working on Psalm 1 and the Shadow. 

Chapter 2 this week and everyone made a 100 on the test!!  I was so proud because this chapter last year was really hard for Karsyn to understand.  So now the girls officially know how to conjugate a Latin verb!  YAY!!

This week we reviewed for her test at the end of the week.  She did really well on it and one question had her explain the strategy she used to figure the problem out as opposed to showing her work because all of her math must be done in her head.  It was really exciting to see her understand how to get the answer.  I told her she is well on her way to being a mathematical thinker!!  Yes she is!!

This week Kamryn and I learned how to add fractions mentally which was so much fun!  It took her a few tries to really get the hang of it, but once she did she was on a roll.  Here was one of her problems...

John bought one foot of ribbon.  
He cut it into 1, 1 3/4, 5/6, 1 1/2, 2 1/3, and  1 1/6 pieces.  
How much ribbon did he have left? 

We had so much fun solving these problems.  I love learning math with her every day!!!  Next year she will be on her own and I will probably cry! 

Intermediate Language Lessons
Still liking ILL, but hoping that it gets a little more technical in the coming weeks.  Karsyn really likes it, so for now its working.

Fix It Grammar

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  Kamryn will start officially find errors this coming week which should be fun!

World History
We learned about pyramids this week and what they were used for.  The girls really are enjoying Egyptian life and culture...who knew??

American History
We are getting close to the Revolution now.  We have experienced our very first public address of sorts and the colonists are banning together!  Things should start getting heated here pretty quickly!!

What we are reading
Kamryn read about William and Catherine Booth this week, the founders of the Salvation Army. She said she liked them but liked Gladys Alward better!!  I am having a hard time finding any books on her, so if anyone knows of any please let me know!  I don't want to quench her fire!

For Bible reading, Karsyn is reading the Day by Day Bible.  

Both girls finished Sarah Noble this week.  Kamryn will begin The Winter of the Red Snow next week which will be much more challenging for her, and she needs that.  I am looking for something for Karsyn to read at her level...ideas would be appreciated!

This week we completely forgot to color a state. Ooops, again I say that I love homeschooling!

Picture Study, Music Study, and Art
We reviewed our picture from last week in Picture Study, began the Baroque period in Music, and learned how to make animals out of basic shapes in Art.  This is a quick and easy, but very fun part of our day!!

We are still working on our "Healthy Plant Growth" experiment and are tracking our little lima beans growth in our science journals.  We turned their home on its side to see how much they would like that. LOL, they didnt!  We also began to look at leaves and why they change colors.  We had an experiment and removed chlorophyll from a leaf as well. Fun stuff!!  I mean where is my camera??

Nature Study
This week for nature study the Daddy Boy took the girls down to the river by our house.  They found lots of invertebrates that were not insects there.  The favorite of which were clams!!  They loved it.  We talked about and read about crabs, crawfish, and other water loving invertebrates to go along with the clams and will start Pagoo on Monday!!!  Again, where is my camera??   I will do better next week!!  I promise!!

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  1. We just finished Winter of Red Snow this week. I think your daughter will like it. I liked it more than my son. I think it was too much about "girly" stuff for him. We are moving on to one more about the war itself this week.


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