Monday, August 15, 2011

My Favorite Homeschool Links

I am almost finished with school planning and am getting very excited about this upcoming year!!!  I went out on a limb and chose a spine that I had never heard of before and that had very little reviews, but WOW, it is phenomenal!!  It is totally Charlotte Mason, so it fits me perfectly and I think what what we have been looking for in our school day!!  I cannot wait to get started!!!  Living Books Curriculum I am so glad I met you!!

This year, I took the advice of Carrie and am trying to be ahead of the game with my planning.  I am working on getting everything planned through Christmas.  I am talking everything...copies made and in a folder, library books decided on and saved in a list, vocabulary words decided on and printed, EVERYTHING!!  So far so good.  As soon as I finish that, I will move on to cleaning up and moving the school room to the playroom which looks like a tornado went through it at the moment!!  We start on September 6th.  Hello!!

During this planning phase I have learned that I have several "go to" websites for resources and wanted to share them with you in case you had never been to them.  All of these websites are free and are AMAZING!!!

So here is my favorite homeschool links...
Here you can find all sorts of free lapbooks, unit studies, etc.  Did I mention it is all FREE?? Sometimes I don't go all out and do the lapbook, but I will use the information just for my lesson.  Vocabulary words, other books that compliment the subject, art to go along with can all be found here.  This is a great site!!
This is a great jewel of a website because sometimes for free and most of the time for less than $5 you can find just what you need to completely flesh out what you are teaching.  I have found so much on here like word puzzles, unit studies, book studies.  This is a great tool.  And you can sign up for their "Follow Your Favorites Mailer" and they will email you what you like every morning.  Most of it is FREE!!!  Great website!!
Awesome and FREE resource!!  You can type in your child's spelling list and she can play games, take
practice tests, and even take the real test all online!!!  We visit this site daily!!!!
I love this website when I want a little something more about a topic.  There are crossword puzzles, reading comprehension quizzes, all kinds of stuff here.  There is a membership fee but it is nominal I believe and well worth it!!!

These sites are huge helps for me as I am "fleshing out" my spine over here!!!  I would love to hear anyone else's fave sites if you have them!!

And before you go...Remember I told you that we had a wedding at our house a few weekends ago!!!  Here are a few pics...


  1. Beautiful pics & great links...I just wish the Currclick site was not so overwhelming.

  2. Those Apples with flowers(????)are so adorable,great job girls.
    Thanks for posting those great sites.

  3. Theresa, first thank you for the sweet words!!! And yes, I do agree that the site itself is overwhelming. That is why I go on there and select my favorites or basically what we would be studying this year and what looks interesting to me (just a few things) and sign up for their email. Then they just send you an email with a list of things to choose from. Its called the Follow Your Favorites email and to me, its the only way to do it. Way less overwhelming that way!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  4. Hi Jamie, werent those apples adorable??? Totally not my idea, but man I wish it was!!! It really turned out beautiful!!!! Thanks for stopping by!


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