Saturday, December 31, 2011

Many Blessings to You in 2012

From our family to yours
Happy 2012

All of the Christmas deets are coming soon!!!  
Soon as in when I get back in gear!!!  

Right now let's just say that there are p.j.s and egg nog, and crock pot hot choc and way too many Frango chocolates involved!!!  
Not good.

I hope your holidays are filled with all the joy of the season!!!

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  1. Hey Kellye! I'm so glad you visited my blog and left a comment for me. :D I love this picture! How did you make it? I know it looks like sparklers, but did you actually make it just with everyone waving sparklers? I'm so glad you liked my "Things I Love" post! I was thinking one day about all of my blessings and just decided to write a list of them. Did you know that I was a teacher years ago before my children were born? I taught all of the language arts to 5th-8th graders. I loved teaching, but I love teaching my own kids even more! Hope you've had a great weekend! :)


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