Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Little Happy Birthday to a very special gal

Saturday my baby girl turned 8 years old.

She is spunky, transparent, genuine, doesn't meet a stranger, and is lots of fun.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and cannot hold back tears to save her life.  When her feelings are hurt you know it.  I love that about her.  That she is so willing to put herself out there and be so vulnerable.  She understands that you have to love with everything you've got if you want to be happy...even if that means that you may get hurt a time or two.  I love that about her.

I love her freckles, her chunky little feet, and her big brown eyes.

For her birthday we took her and a few friends ice skating and back to our house to do a little karaoke and play Just Dance for Kids!!!  We had a blast and she felt so special.  Here are a few snapshots of her big day!!!

All she asked for was a "real" microphone stand!!!

Who doesn't love a talking card...with knock knock jokes?

And a pillow pet that was bought by her sissy!!  "You can't really say something is from you Mom unless you pay for it.  If you don't pay for it Mom all you can say is you picked it out."  
And so she paid for it.  

And so the microphone stand got put to good use....immediately!

And everyone loves Just Dance!!!

It was a great day with great friends and amazing family members!!  

We love you little Wootie, Happy Birthday!!!

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