Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear is what we will remember about you

Dear 2010,

You have been a very short and eventful year, with lots packed into your only 365 days.  Today you will leave us forever and we will welcome in your friend 2011.  We look so differently and act so differently and even think so differently than we did when you first arrived.  I hardly can recognize who I was when I spent my first day with you.

As we say goodbye to you, please know that we will remember so much about you.


The year I decided to say goodbye to my real estate career and come back home to take care of my family full time.

The year my baby girl lost both of her front teeth and turned 7 years old.

The year I broke out of my mold of curly hair and went straight!!  And I have never looked back!!!

The year I took my first weekend trip away from my family and ventured with my girlfriends to Dallas for the Sally Clarkson "Mom Heart Conference".  Such a blast!!!

The year we decided to get chickens.  And boy how they have grown.  And who knew we would love them so much...

Its the year that will forever be imprinted on my arm where my brutal burn scar will always remind me that I really should use a bamboo steamer when cooking Chinese dumplings.  {side friend Elizabeth got me one for Christmas so I am now good with that}.

It is the year that I turned 31 and my big daddy boy 32 and the year we have been married for 12 years!! Wow!  How time flies!!  This man still melts my heart and I am so lucky to be his wife!!

The year that my beautiful sister married the guy of her dreams in the wedding of her dreams in Cabo San Lucas!!  The wedding we will always remember because we couldn't go resulting in the first time my sister and I have ever "not spoken."  We have really overcome though and are closer now than ever before.  Praise be to God!!!!  I love her so much and am so happy for her.

Its the year that we started homeschooling and said goodbye to everything we knew and hello to a world that we barely knew existed!!!  It is a huge blessing to be able to learn alongside my girls and I don't take a single second for granted {not that I don't wonder what I was thinking from time to time..LOL}.

Its the year my beautiful Kami turned the big 2 digits!!!  She is now 10...half way to adulthood...I can hardly believe it!!!

And as I look back at where we were just a short 365 days ago, it is hard to even recognize us.  The Lord has grown us so much this year.  We are blessed beyond measure!!  2010, you were so good to us. I pray that we will grow and learn even more when 2011 arrives.

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