Friday, April 30, 2010

Moving Day!!

No, not for us (even though that wouldn't surprise me since that seems to be our all time favorite thing to do).  No, its moving day for our baby chicks.  The coop is finished and we were thrilled to get them into their new digs yesterday when the girls got home from school.  Here are a few pics!!

In case you were wondering, the big white thing on the side of the coop is our very fancy, "egg collection center."  All we have to do is lift the lid and get the eggs in the mornings instead of having to actually go in and get everybody in a tizzy.  Very good thinking of my big daddy boy!!

Here are our happy residents...yes that is two ducks and 4 chicks.  Our ducks don't understand that they are ducks and are much happier with their friends the chicks who have no problem including 2 more into their group because they think that the ducks are their mommas.  How bout that???

Even Mr. Mockingbird loves the coop!!

In and out and in and out...oh boy this is so fun!! 

Hope you enjoyed the tour!!  We will have 6 more new residents next week (big time egg layers) and I will introduce you as soon as they arrive!!  I cannot wait!!  We are even getting a rooster...oh boy!!

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