Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I just found my new favorite blog...

Maybe I just live under a rock but until this afternoon when my friend Cyndi and I were on the phone for way too long a few minutes and she brought up this blog that I had never heard of before.  Being the blog stalker that I am I was shocked that I had never even seen it, but it's called knock off wood and folks this is where planets align.  This is where I sing for joy.  This is where my cup overflows.  This stay at home mom who lives in Alaska teaches her readers to MAKE FURNITURE FROM POTTERY BARN AND WEST ELM and other way overpriced very nice stores.  Tables and storage and entertainment centers oh my.  You will be amazed...Can I just say that she has the plans right there for you FOR FREE to download at your convenience!!  There goes my new ink cartridge!  This girl is my new best friend and she will be yours too...Go check her out!!  And please let me know what you are building first!

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