Thursday, February 4, 2010

In a Funk...In a Rut...Forget about it!!

Maybe we don't realize it at first, maybe it takes some of us a little bit longer than others to catch on to (uhh hmmm...that would be me), and maybe just maybe we are very exposed to Satan's attacks and we don't even know it. Have you ever gotten that email that says...

When you get out of bed in the morning does Satan say, "Oh no, she's awake??"

I have always loved that email and have true desires of being that person, but in reality its more like

"Oh boy, she's up...I wonder how I can torture her today?  She's so fun and easy!!"

I want Satan to know that he cannot sway me and that he will not get to me so he really should find someone else to torture.  How can I do that though, when it seems that I am constantly feeling sorry for myself and feeling that I am so short changed?  I mean really there are people still under the rubble in Haiti and I have the odassity to get annoyed that my husband has worked every night since Christmas  without a day off???  Come on!!  What on earth is wrong with me?

I desperately want to get my act together so that Satan will leave me alone, but really when I think about it, he isn't going to stop torturing me as long as my feet are not grounded in the Word of God.  When I veer from God's wisdom, I leave the door open for Satan to come in.  That is where the rubber meets the road for me.  Its a matter of knowing whom we believe and being persuaded that he is able to keep that which I committed to Him.  WOW!!  How is that for drop you to your knees.  

I will not sit around and claim to be in a "rut" or a "funk" anymore because that is really just an excuse to wallow in my own pity and confused understanding of this life.  No, instead I will plant my feet firmly in the Word of God and seek His will not my own, so that Satan knows when I rise out of my bed in the morning he better get back!!!

How bout you??  Do you find yourself in a funk sometimes and if so, how do you find your way out??

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