Monday, May 25, 2009

Lets Talk Gosselin

Okay everyone...WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THOSE TWO??? I just don't understand. They really need to just take a step back and realize that money and fame isn't everything. One day I truly feel that they are going to look back on this and see that they have made some really bad choices and there is no way to go back and change it. I don't think I will continue to support the show just because it truly bothers me that Kate is loving her celeb status, no matter the cost, and Jon is having a mid life crisis. It is truly, truly sad to me!!! TRULY I tell you!! So what were your thoughts after the season premier last night??? Oh and by the way, my hard drive crashed and we are moving so if it takes me a while to respond...that would be why. Im logging onto to any random laptop I find lying around...HA HA!!


  1. I feel bad for the kids. I think that they should take a break from the show and focus on their family. I wasn't able to see the show, did explain where they are at in their lives?

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  3. Unfortunately, it's like a train wreck . . . you feel bad for the outcome of it . . . but we still watch it!

    I finally watched the episode this morning and I have to say that I had all the emotions, while watching it. Okay, divorce rate for multiples is three times as much . . . you also knew that on the FIRST set of multiples! I still find myself upset, sad, and disappointed in them.

    They need to determine what is important to them and focus on it . . . forget the media, tabloids, and fans.

  4. They need to get back to the basics.That it takes 3 in a marriage Jon,Kate and GOD! with GOd being the headship. Not one mention about leaning on the Lord, seeking Christian counsel, or anything.
    From someone who knows what its like to be in that position, there is always a point to turn around take hold of the Lord and save the marriage. I know I been there, done that and marriage SURVIVED with the Lord and more meaningful marriage.

  5. the season premier was hard to watch. feeling so bad for those kids. i think the path these parents have decided to travel down is NOT working for them anymore. maybe it's time to stop, if not for them for their kids.

  6. I had to stop watching a year ago. It was a train wreck, and it just wasn't right. Let's pray they get it together somehow.

    BTW: I linked here from In All Thy Ways, and I will surely be back! I love your blog!


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