Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lets Talk Gosselin

Hey Ladies! We haven't had a chance to chat Gosselin here lately with my hectic schedule, but now that Im back on track I am just wondering what everyone is thinking of the new house, Kate's new look, the puppies (OH BOY), etc. I hope you have been tuning in and loving it as I have. I have to admit though, I am almost as excited about the Duggar's tonight and find that I have so much in common with them, even though they seem so weird on the surface. I love that Michelle, she is a doll. So tomorrow we may be talking Duggar!!!
The only negative comments I have to make about the Gosselins these last few weeks is that Kate is starting to get a little cocky again. I don't know if she is just tired or what, but she is not the same Kate from years past. That makes me so sad. Also, the twins seem to be crying out for just a crumb of attention. I am not really understanding that either, even though my oldest is just a few weeks younger than Mady and Cara and she acts the very same way so how is that for reality tv!! I am loving the house though and I have to say that the little slideshow of the old house last night had me in tears. I love those 6 babies so much and to see them just grow up before our eyes is so devastating, huh?? Now, tell me what you think about Jon and Kate Plus 8 lately. I have missed our Gosselin conversations!!


  1. The new house is very nice. I really like the outside with all that land. I am sure the children love both the large house and the huge yard.

    Yes, Kate can act a little bossy. That scene with the coupon was over the top.

    It seems that Kate's lifestyle has inspired this Octumom to want a show of her own. She has rented a house and hope to bring the babies home soon. She refused the help offered by Angels in Waiting because she wants to be able to have others come in and film her for a TV series. AIW would not allow that so she has turned them down. She in the mean time has her own show daily on line through Radaronline. Interesting how Kate has inspired octomom.

  2. The new house is nice!!! I just think she needs to take a chill pill sometimes!! But don't we all?? :)

  3. I'm so glad you're back with your JK8 posts! I love them :).

    I really like their new home and think it's wonderful they have the space. The puppies were super adorable, even though I didn't get her attitude when she said "you're not welcome" to the kids when they were thanking them for the puppy. Maybe I over-read into it though?

    When they were cleaning out the old house she was bringing out the bossy a bit.

    I do love the Duggars too! I really thought they'd be "weird", but I think they all seem down to earth and really close knit :).

  4. As I mentioned before I enjoy the show, and love it- although, in all honesty, I have not been enjoying it as much the last 2-3 episodes. Maybe Kate is stressed with the move and all, but it is becoming harder to watch. I have found myself praying for her. I know it would be difficult to have a camera crew in your life as they do. Their new house is nice :)

  5. Gail!! You are feeling exactly the same way I am. I almost feel like I am betraying Kate, but at the same time am really beginning to be annoyed by her. It is breaking my heart, but I have to say that Michelle Duggar may very well become my new best friend!!

    I agree about their stress level, but you know what. The only reason you have that house is because WE WATCH YOUR SHOW. This is what they wanted, so I have no sympathy!! Send the cameras to my house and pay me millions ya know!!

    Thanks Gail, I couldnt agree more!!


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