Friday, March 20, 2009

Family Fun Friday

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So, its the weekend already!! I am so excited because it is going to be a beautiful weekend here and I am ready to enjoy it. I must also say that I am very much looking forward to "Sleep Late Saturday" as my kiddos call it!! That will be nice!
For Family Fun Friday, I will post what we are going to be up to this weekend and hopefully you will to. Sometimes I feel less than creative and my kids end up passing the day doing pretty much nothing in their jammies. I HATE when that happens, so I was hoping that by all of us posting what our plans are, we can encourage each other's creativity when we are feeling a little less than creative.
So, this weekend my husband is working nights. Today I am going to pick up a movie for us to watch tonight since we will have no daddy boy to keep us entertained. I am also going to pick up 2 canvases from Michaels (using my 50% off coupons of course), and I am going to let the girls each paint a canvas to decorate their new rooms with tomorrow afternoon. This is such a cheap, inexpensive, and SO FUN thing to do. If you haven't tried it you should. The kids really take pride in it and its all ready to be hung as soon as its done. No framing, no nothing!! THEY LOVE IT and so do I. Pure peace and quiet entertainment for at least an hour or two!! For the rest of the weekend we will be outside, maybe in the clover patch if I'm lucky!! Searching for 4 leaf clovers is lots of fun!!
So how about you??? What yall got going on this weekend in the Family Fun category???

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  1. I wish our weekends were more fun! My husband usually has to work overtime or do projects around the house - plus I have a newborn! We really do need to do more!


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