Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lets Talk Gosselin

Last night was the big night that I have been waiting for I know 3 months! The Gosselin's showed us the first glimpse of the new house and I could not be happier. The house is beautiful, seems perfect for their family, and our old Kate was back. I watched a marathon on Sunday that showed episodes I had never seen before and one was viewer email where she got hit pretty hard with some rude questions. She defended herself well and stood up for what they were doing and I was so glad to see my old BFF back in business. That was a good way to lead up to last night's show because you got to really see how they feel about all the mean bloggers out there and the terrible rumors. Then came the new house episode last night! WOW!! Don't you just want to ask them if they could shave off a little bitty piece of that beautiful property just big enough for a house for you...I do, I love it! I think they are the kind of people who will live there forever and be happy. And, I was most impressed that even though they have a bajillion dollars in the bank, they still bought a house that they "can afford" and really needed a little bit of work. I am back to loving my Gosselin friends, how about you?? What did you think of last nights show ladies??


  1. I was wondering if you were going to post about Jon and Kate today:) I love the new house too and it was funny to watch her look all over for the kids not knowing where they were. So happy for them because even though I don't have 8 children, I know what it is like to live in a house that is just way too small. I would have to say though that the "old" Kate was definitely back last night. I thought she was kind of over the top about the kids staying out of their bedroom and I felt kind of bad for the previous owners of the house when she was cleaning out the refrigerator. Don't get me wrong, I still love the show and will continue to watch. I can't wait to see how they decorate or maybe they will keep it to a minimum so the children can run and play:)

  2. I just read Christy's post and realized that those are almost the same things I was going to comment :)
    One of my very favorite times is when our kids come into our room and 'hang out'. I have such great memories of all piling in our bed talking and reading together.
    - but to each his own I suppose. I was wondering too if the previous owners were watching her clean the fridge last night ;)
    I read an article with Kate in 'Today's Christian Woman' and she had mentioned that she wished the show would show more of their faith and it sounds as though they edit much out regarding that part of their lives- I love it when God gets the glory. :)

  3. So funny that you should both say the exact same thing...of course exactly what I was thinking and didnt post as well. I completely agree about their room. What was that about and what a way to rain on the big parade, huh? Funny though how Alexis just cut her off and said okay lets go and ran out with all of the other little ducklings following behind. Kate has what I call "Open Mouth, Insert Foot." She is very untimely with her words and always says to say things that she later regrets. I am the same way and maybe that is why I can relate to her so much. Poor Jon, with the bedroom thing, I felt so bad for him because she was relentless! I bet you though that later she probably felt that was a little over the top. I like both of you agree that I absolutely love having both my girls in my room any time they want to come in, but like Gail says to each is own I guess. As far as the fridge...those poor poor owners. She is a bit of a germaphobe, but again...to each is own. I was just so excited to see her back to normal and to FINALLY see the house. I was hoping you ladies would comment. Now tonight its The Duggars...I love them too, so maybe tomorrow we can talk Duggar!!


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