Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I had a fight with a skillet...and the skillet won

Over the last few months I have found myself 100% addicted to potstickers/chinese dumplings...does anyone out there know what that is???


Am I all alone here...well if I am just keep reading.  No pre-requisate in potstickers required to continue. I was steaming away, in my electric skillet {don't even ask because I don't know why I was steaming in an electric skillet like I was on a camping trip either} I realized that all of the water had boiled out and that my yummy lunch was ready.

Soooo...I went to take the supa heavy glass lid off the skillet but it had somehow managed to suction itself closed and I couldn't get it off.  Well, almost couldn't get it off.  I got it off on the right side, but left side was stuck.  So instead of being a normal human being and just putting the lid back on {I highly recommend doing that if you ever find yourself in that sorta position} I just sat there and fought and fought and fought that lid...all the while the steam from inside the skillet was burning my arm up!!

Yep...that would be my arm 5 DAYS AFTER IT HAPPENED!!

I went straight to the doctor because I literally thought my arm was on fire and even after delivering 2 babies, one without and epidural until the last second, this was pain like I have never ever known.  The best way to explain the feeling would be to just imagine that someone cut your arm off at the elbow and you were just standing there.  Yeah, seriously yall it was BAAADD!!!

Long story short, I had a pretty nasty 2nd degree steam burn that measures about 6 inches in diameter and wraps around my arm.  I had to be all bandaged up and couldn't get it wet, touch raw meat, wash dishes, wash clothes, cook supper...all that jazz for 7 days.

Guess what....Today is my 7th day!!  And here is how it looks this morning...

Much better huh?  I'm getting there. 

And you're welcome for your pre-med lesson for today!!

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