Monday, December 10, 2012

The Year I Finally Sent Christmas Cards

I am not a Christmas card sender by nature.  I confess.  They stress me out and fill my poor soul with guilt.   With every card that comes in the mailbox along with it comes the guilt of not sending them.  Then as I sit at the computer and try to find a picture that is worthy, then figure out who to send them to, then try to find all of the addresses all with the looming cloud of having to pay expedited shipping or missing the big sale!!!!



Every single year my sweet husband begins asking if we are sending out cards as soon as the first one arrives in the mail.

"Why are we the only people who don't send Christmas cards?" he asks.

Every year the guilt builds.

Every year I procrastinate and say that I am going to, but deep down hope that he forgets.

He never does.


This year I found a deal too good to pass up!!!  And there is still time for you, if you are anything like me and have not been able to get it together and get those darn things done.

Enter  They are a division of Hallmark, have AWESOME designs (which is always another source of stress for me...I make 47 cards on every card site I can find), and will mail them for you for don't even have to pay for stamps!!! 

No, I am not getting paid by, they have no idea who I am, but I just had to share this deal with you.  

I need you to hear me when I say that I just made 25 Christmas cards, with photos, they are being mailed for me, and with the discount code they have right now my total cost was like $14 and something!!!!!  WOW!!!!!  

I just finished mine this morning and they are guaranteed to be delivered to my friends and family by December 22nd.  I ordered one extra for myself to be sent here....just to make sure they actually arrive, but I have full confidence in a company that even saves your addresses in an address book for you to come back to next year!!!  

I very well could send them every year if continues to be this easy!!!

The offer ends tomorrow, so make some Christmas cards!!!!

Leave me a comment if you decide to use them, so we can chat about how easy it was!!!!!

Happy Christmas Card Making,


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  1. we've sent Christmas cards every year for the past 12 or 13 years...actually, we've probably done it longer than that bc we sent them before we had kids. This year was the best year with my kids out of all the years we've done it. The boys didn't complain one bit and actually said they had fun. I about died!
    :) Have a great week!


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