Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pinterest is my new BFF

This is a public service announcement....

In case you have been living under a rock as I had been and have never heard of Pinterest, please mosey on over and check out the latest social networking site just for pyscho, obsessive folks like me {and maybe you}!!!

I love the site so much because it is like a huge bookmark folder for all of the things you find online but have nowhere to put {aka my desktop is full of little images, but then you can't find the websites they came from} or you don't want to bookmark it {aka my bookmark folders are busting at the seams and who knows what in the world I found at those random sites}.  Well, Pinterest has solved the dilemma for us all!!!

Head on over and search away...you will find what everyone else is pinning and then add it to your pin board that you can categorize {recipes, decorations, school inspiration, it just goes on and on} and then voila its all there for you...websites and all!!!  I couldn't be more tickled!!!

My username is kellyej, so search me and see what I am pinning!!!!  Then just be in love!!  Here are just a few things I found this morning...

And EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is just linked right on over to the site it comes from!! AUTOMATICALLY!!!!!  Aaaaaaah!!!

Start pinning!!!!


  1. Hey, Girl! I'm new to the pinning world, too! I'm not sure I can handle another addiction, though! ;)

  2. Hey!!! Me either, but really I think that it is actually saving me time because I don't have to continually google stuff and try to remember where it was I saw an idea that I can't really remember exactly!!! LOL!!

    Oh and p.s. I just finished putting together and "independent notebook" for both of my girls from your ideas!!! Thanks so much for posting about yours, you have no idea how much it is going to change my life this year!!! Have yall started yet???

  3. Its so awful isnt it???? Im following you on there and am totally hijacking all of your great fashion ideas!! LOL


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