Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From the hen (or should I say duck) house...

We are proud grandparents of many little ducklings that are so cute you just want to squeeze them, except that you can't come any where close to them because the momma is not even playing!!

She laid 13 eggs and 10 hatched!!  A miracle right in my flower beds!

Today, we are down to 7 baby ducklings, but mom seems to be able to handle this many much easier than she could 10.  We are doing everything we can to keep them safe from predators and help them beat the odds of 1 in 12 actually making it to adulthood!!  They are one week old today and are very rowdy and not the greatest listeners I have ever seen, but boy are they cute!!!

And the big white guy is the best "step dad" you have ever seen!!!  He is right there with them all the time and perfectly completes this little family!!!  He just melts my heart!! {do you see his beak in the pic below...precious I tell ya!!}

Here they are out for a swim!  It is so amazing how differently ducks behave when they are raised with their mom in the wild and when they are raised by humans in the garage...this is just so natural and breathtaking!  A miracle right in my front yard!!!

Hope your summer is full of great things!!!

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  1. This is the cutest thing ever!! I love seeing the ducklings with their mom and "dad". :) I also loved looking over your curriculum. It's so rewarding to see how they are progressing and planning for the next year, isn't it? Thanks for visiting my place and entering the giveaway!


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